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Review We Vibe 2

We Vibe 2 – The couples Vibrator

I’ve already shared with you that my latest toy purchase was a We Vibe2 which I purchased from AdultToysCorner.com.au – Now I can finally share my review with you – you can’t blame a girl for really wanting to try a toy out before going on the record about it!

I had both heard and read a lot of the hype over the innovative we vibe – ‘THE couples vibrator’, designed for her to wear during intercourse. A toy that could possibly give me the great clitoral vibrations I often need, whilst hitting my g-spot for that extra thump when we hump.Then the new and improved We Vibe2 came out – I had to have one.

Unique in design, this revolutionary product is the first ever vibrator that can be used while making love. The innovative design allows for both external clitoral and internal g-spot stimulation for women engaging in both solo and partner play.
The We-Vibe is hands free, strap free and wireless. Created from 100% medical grade silicone, it’s soft, comfortable and easy to use. Treat yourself and your partner to A New Dimension In Pleasure™. from we-vibe.com

After viewing the video on the official We Vibe2 website My mind started to race through all the inventive and alternative ways I could use this little toy, that is in addition to the way it is specifically designed to be used, whilst my fingers raced to type in the name of my favourite Aussie Online Sex toy store. -> Femplay.com.au

Within 5 minutes I had ordered by new baby and less than 48 hours later it was on my doorstep. Mailed out in a very inconspicuous, bland, boring Australia Post pre paid satchel, No one could possibly workout what was inside without opening it.

Sadly I couldn’t use it straight away as it does require an initial charging period of 24 hours before use, but as I was prepared for this after viewing the official We Vibe2 website, I wasn’t too bothered.

The Product

Firstly it’s purple!! In my book that in itself is worth half a star!We Vibe2 the sex toy for couples - the sex toy I'm in love with

It comes in really cute packaging but it wouldn’t be suitable for storage between uses due to the plastic tray, I guess that’s why it comes with its own cute little satin drawstring bag to keep it discreetly hidden in your underwear draw.

It’s tiny – it sits in the palm of your hand, smaller than the size of your average computer mouse. Although it looks a little like an office stapler, I assure you there’s nothing sharp about this product what so ever.

The entire surface is smooth 100% medical grade silicone that is Phthalate free and completely safe to be used as an internal sex toy. It is a fully sealed unit making it waterproof and super simple and easy to clean

!**Please do note that as this sex toy is made of silicone it is NOT to be used with silicone lube – Stick with Water Based lubes Only for your We Vibes and any other sex toys you use which are made from silicone. The two aren’t good friends to each other, despite the possibly simple assumption that silicone based lubes are made for silicone sex toys – THEY AREN’T – ok.. you got that? … lets move on.

Features of the We Vibe2 The Couples Sex ToyThe We Vibe 2’s silky smooth exterior hides its 2 separate powerful yet very quiet (<50 decibels) motors, one in the g spot end the other in the clit kissing head. The two buttons used to control the We Vibe2’s vibration patterns are also hidden under the smooth silicone head, one button on each side of the barely visible point where you plug it in for re-charging. I haven’t had a rechargeable sex toy before, but I sure felt the difference in power and strength of the vibrations when compared to other non rechargeable sex toys and vibrators.

Both ends of the toy have raised ridges on the contacting side to give that extra pleasure and ensure that it stays put once you start using it. Between the vibrating edge the We Vibe2 is very flexible, allowing it to truly be one size fits all as well as be used in slightly different ways. (see below)

I was glad I played about with the functions a bit before I used it as I doubt I would’ve found the switches whilst having sex. Even after

Vibration Functions of the we vibe2

The We Vibe2’s Vibration Patterns

finding them it was kinda hard to access and use the buttons whilst it is fully inserted, or whilst worn during penetrative sex. I found it much easier to switch on before being worn.

It also has another great feature I haven’t come across before, which is that you can switch it off quick smart by simply pressing either of the control buttons for 2 seconds. Great for if you get “busted” or if your like me and simply can’t handle anything stimulating your clit right after you orgasm

My Experience

The first time I had the opportunity to Welcome my new toy to the family I was home alone and although it is promoted as ‘The Couples Vibrator’ I found it to be fun alone for a little bit of solo sex. During its initial use I was in fact laying on the lounge watching some porn and writing on my blog. It felt so nice just buzzing away on its own down there without any interaction from me.

It slid in so smoothly and did exactly what it was designed to do – it hugged both my G-Spot and my clit. I was even able to get up and walk around without it falling off or even really getting out of place. I only imagine how arousing it would be to wear whilst out running errands or doing the grocery shopping – yep it’s that quiet!!

Whilst playing alone once my fingers came into play I had a slight hiccup in the sense that due to its design it prevented my natural juices from flowing freely and keeping everything wet and slippery, however a quick squirt of WATER based lube resolved the situation

I soon fell in love with my new we vibe2 and couldn’t wait to experience the extra dimension of pleasure that would be possible with a partner. And although it is not only possible but also pleasurable to use it (or rather ‘wear it’) whilst playing with a dildo or vibrator. However I could hardly wait to take it through its paces with real live hard cock!

Ever since getting it just a few weeks ago I’ve already lost count of the number of times I’ve pulled it out of my ‘Sex Toy Drawer’ to use both alone and with a partner. I simply can’t get enough – nor can he.

The first time he was a little wary, but the second I felt him plunge deep inside me I knew he liked the new addition to the family due to the deep primal moan he let out. My suspicions that this toy would be so much more fun with a partner were proved true.

It was so nice to feel ‘full’ of cock whilst having my clit buzzing. Every time he thrust into me it simply pushed the G-spot thumping head harder against my G-Spot. It was amazing, I wrapped my legs around him tight whilst we were in the missionary position so as to stop him withdrawing at all. My first Orgasm with the We Vibe 2 engulfed me. His cock pressing its thumping vibrations hard up against my G-Spot sent me right over the edge.

But as soon as I recovered I wanted to get on top and really take it for a ride. Normally the best position for me to get off in is good old girl on top cowgirl style, my clit grinding against his pelvic bone. This was part of the reason I knew this sex toy would be perfect for me. It didn’t take long for me to start cumming. It had been a while so I was exhausted and went to start giving him a blow job to finish him off, He loves blow jobs and has never once in 15 odd years turned one down, but that first day with the We Vibe2 he did.

In turning the blow job down he said- verbatim “That inside bit makes your insides vibrate and turns your pussy into “THE ULTIMATE SEX TOY” – his words not mine!

So we switched it up a bit and finished off doggy style!lol

Even though we don’t use condoms it was still super easy to clean this toy up after use, just a little soapy warm water and a quick towel dry and she was back in her pretty lilac bag plugged in charging for the next time we wanted to pull her out to play.

Since then We have used it many many times. Ok – so I used the fact I was writing a review of it to pull it out as often as possible, but he has as much enthusiasm for this toy as I do. It has helped me to reach some of THE most earth shattering orgasms of my life.

I have also worn it during anal to bring me to the most amazing heights of sexual pleasure and gratification. An experience I have trouble trying to find the right words to describe! I can only imagine the great joy of using a butt plug or other anal toy on top of the We Vibe2. *Never Insert a toy without a flared base into your butt, you may loose it and end up in the ER. Never place anything into your vagina that’s been in your butt without first washing it in warm water with soap (I prefer to use anti-bacterial soap)

As it had brought me such great pleasure alone I decided to try it out on him and incorporate it whilst I was giving him head. I simply opened it up a little and wrapped it around his sack, or over the top of his shaft adding that extra dimension of the vibrations on top of the blow jobs he loves so much. It made his orgasm so much more intense, almost like a lightning bolt went through his body as his cum shot down my throat. Something I’ve never felt him do before.


So maybe it does live up to its hype of being ‘The couples vibrator’ after all.

I’ve now used it numerous times, both alone and with a partner. For my pleasure and his. The results are pretty much all positives. However there are a few drawbacks, such as the initial charging period, needing to use a little water based lube for solo sex, and having to remember how many times to hit the button to reach my favourite ‘Cha Cha Cha’ vibration pattern (a process I’ve had to go through with every new vibrating sex toy) but overall it gets a huge thumbs up from me.

[Edit May 30th 2010 – The one thing that would make the we-vibe better would be if there was a wireless remote control to control the vibration patterns so you can easily ramp the vibrations up (or your partner can) or switch it off after you orgasm without having to ‘dis-engage’ from your partner.)

★★★★★ It Rocked!!

I’ve bought some expensive sex toys in my life and later regretted it, The We Vibe2 was well worth the $114AU I paid for it. If you enjoy a little extra clitoral stimulation I highly recommend this toy for you. I even bought one for my cousin as a wedding gift.

In America you can order your own We Vibe2 from EdenFantasys.com where it is currently priced at US$99 – you can use the discount code N25 at the checkout to receive a 15% discount on your purchases from EdenFantasys.com

In Australia you can order one from My favourite Aussie Sex Toy Store -> Femplay.com.au where the  we vibe2 is currently on sale for only $74.95 – and if you don’t like the purple there are now Ruby Red & Teal Green versions available too.

I wasn’t paid to write this review and I bought the We Vibe2 for myself. It’s also the first review I have ever written so I welcome your constructive criticism. I hope to do more reviews in the future, but I promise that if a toy sucks Ill tell you that it sucks. It just happens that this particular toy really rocked!!


P.S There’s now a new We-Vibe 3 available that comes with the remote I dreamed about.

EDIT – May 2013: Since I wrote this review the site that I purchased my we vibe2 from has gone under and is filing for bankruptcy. I had an affiliate account with them and originally had their links within this review, but after loosing the $250 or so in my affiliate account I removed their links. And I’m so glad that I did as they started up again as a new company with a new site but they kept the old domain so that my links were still sending customers their way and that’s just not acceptable to me.

In place of their links I now have links to Femplay.com.au – an Australian sex toy store I know and trust!

P.P.S. I’ve written an updated review of the we vibe 2 which you might like to check out – I swear I love it even more each time I use it :)

11 Comments to “Review We Vibe 2”

  • I bet your super happy that they came out with the we-vibe 3!!! Love your reviews i’m dying to add this to my toy box!

  • Great review – this is one of my favorite toys!

    • Thank you Porn Librarian, I think this toy may just stay in my bedside table so I can use it as much as possible! It’s one of those toys the hubby can’t get jealous of cause it’s for him too.

      The only thing I’d change about it would be to give it a remote control, it’s far too hard for me to change patterns or switch it off whilst I’m wearing it, but that is it, I love that little purple thing!

  • I loved the review. :) Nice and detailed. I actually was extremely impressed with our We Vibe 2 as well. The only problem we have was that the vibrations made my boyfriend numb, but *I* thoroughly enjoyed it, and he did too as long as we took it out before he got numb. Great review. :)

    • Thank- you for Commenting Kayla – I love that name!
      I was really scared I was being to detailed, but it’s a couples toy, I just thought it made sense to share how we used it!. It’s a shame it made him go numb… This is why I think that they should maybe make we vibe3 have a remote control. That way you can get rid of the vibrations whilst still having the pressure of it pushed against your g spot, and the ridges and extra pressure against your clit.
      So far all I’ve gotten out of FWB is that it was weird, weird but in a good way, and he didn’t want to get out lol So I think it depends on the guy. Most guys have never had a toy that was designed for their pleasure so I guess he doesn’t have anything to compare it to really.
      I just love that it’s useful with a partner but also on its own or with another penetrative toy!

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