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Scavenger Hunt – Truck & Petrol Pump

I Flashed My Boobs

I mentioned Sapio Slut’s Scavenger hunt in my last Weekend Reading post and ever since I first discovered it I’ve really wanted to take part. I don’t have the body to flaunt like Sapio Slut Does, nor do I have the Sexy Self Esteem Of Curvaceous Dee, but I still managed to flash my boobs in public places… Twice!

First time was In front of X’s Truck Last Sunday Night – I live no where near a train line & even if I did I’d never get on one. I’ve been phobic of trains since my brother got killed by one when I was 8 – So Road Train Will Just have to do.

Truck, Train What's the big difference? don't answer that

The Truck

And I guess I can’t put it off much longer…

my tits in front of the truck

Then On Tuesday Night I went And met him out at the truck Stop on the highway and was in the position to flash my boobs at the Petrol Pump.I wasn’t scared to ‘flash’ at the world, there were only a few truck drivers around, and a camera that fed into the service station, but I didn’t care because I didn’t need to go in there. Once he had finished filling up we were moving to the other end of the truck stop to fuck.

Then I offered to climb up and clean his windows for him, hoping to get the perfect shot of my ass for my Wanton Wednesday Post. Once I climbed up the side of the open Bonnet He passed me the squidgey Window washing thing and I started washing the drivers side of the windscreen whilst telling him to get the right photo (I had my skirt hiked up so my ass was half on show.

“You have to..Ughhhh” he says and puts the camera down, climbs up shaking his head at me & pulls the windscreen wiper away from the windscreen.

I finished and half climbed down, half fell down and he went to put the bonnet back up.

“Crunch” & I get the ‘what the fuck have you done now Violet’ look.

He Put the Friggen Windscreen Wiper down, he should’ve put it back. It got snapped and I got sent in to buy electrical tape from the servo. Inside were five truckers all talking to the guy behind the counter, all of whom were standing around the monitor that caught me flashing my boobs. I could’ve died. I’m a whore on the inside. but so shy on the outside!

Anyways here’s the pic from the petrol pump.

at the petrol pump

I think that I should now qualify for some scavenger hunt award love…even if I didn’t get it all off – It’s Winter here in Australia you know.

So Now that I’ve struck up the courage to both take the photos AND publish them – How about you join in the Scavenger hunt fun too?


3 Comments to “Scavenger Hunt – Truck & Petrol Pump”

  • Oh WOW – you did the petrol pump!!! Good for you!

    “I’m a whore on the inside. but so shy on the outside! I think this is true of so many of us. Some people are only whorish sometimes but even then keep it locked away. Good on you for letting your inner whore out to play. :)

  • Fantastic! I envy your ba… err ovaries! Wonderful pictures and a wonderful story. The cold.. The cold would have been my cop out.

  • You rock so hard! These are absolutely awesome – well done you!

    xx Dee

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