A cool but cheeky breeze

A cheeky breeze against an erect nipplePulling the fabric back, exposing her entire breast to the sunlight he takes her nipple into his mouth, delicately traversing its topography with the tip of his tounge. She runs her hands down his back, tilting her neck to allow her kisses to meet his neck. Kisses which turn into playful bites as blows on her wet nipple, the cool breeze causing her bite down as the sensation buzzes throughout her body. He looks up at her with a cheeky smile, she laughs , half covering her face with her had. Acting demure despite wishing his mouth was playing several inches further south.

This is a part of 100 words of Smut September hosted by OurSex Secrets.com. Each day in September there is a single word to prompt you to write 100 sexy words.

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