Making a Fantasy a Reality

Everyone has a sexual fantasy, I have many. Most of them are almost embarrassingly vanilla, some others are a bit out there. Out towards an edge I’ve been afraid to explore, or rather I’m scared to explore beyond what my imagination can offer. But there is one. One fantasy I’d love to do, or see done as the case may be. I long to indulge my voyeuristic side and watch my partner fuck another woman. I’m not all that sure as to why I want to see it though.

through the keyholeI’ve thought up lots of different scenarios of how such a situation could occur and masturbated over the majority of them, yet when the thought of making fantasy become a reality there are certain things, logistics I guess that give me concern.

Firstly who could the other woman be? A friend? a friend of mine? a friends of his? or a friend of a friend? A casual relationship? someone met through an online dating site? a one night stand? someone found on the internet via craigslist? twitter? or fetlife? (actually fetlife might be the one other place that I could find someone happy to participate) But each of these has their own individual drawbacks and unnecessary strings. Finding a woman for your man to fuck should really be a straight forward no strings attached arrangement, especially as I do not want it to develop into a friends with benefits deal or worse!

The other woman deserves to know where she stands in terms of relationship status, as in there is no possibility of a relationship which she would of course need to be happy with. Then there is the voyeur part of it. I sure as shit know that I would feel a bit weird if anyone I knew asked me to have sex with their partner in front of them. Someone from fetlife with an interest in such an experience might be perfect, though the chances of finding such a lady are pretty slim to none considering I live nowhere near a capital city.

watching a fantasyAfter wracking my brain and going through all of the options I decided that the most suitable way to get a woman to have sex with my partner whilst I watched on would be to pay them. Makes perfect sense. The exchange of money would take away all of my concerns regarding jealousy and ensuring the third party wasn’t being deceived or used by us in some way just for the sake of a fantasy. Hiring a sex worker would get rid of all the messy strings.

OK Google find me a prostitute or escort to sleep with my partner that is available in my local area and is happy to provide the services requested.

Whilst interesting it sure didn’t help narrow it down.

I then found a bunch of sites like escorts and babes that will help to find the right sex worker to meet your needs. These types of sites help customers find the right person to provide the services you are looking for, in your area and within your budget. Some even include reviews written by clients. It seems to be a great way for you see who is available and allow you to take your pick without putting these women through the cattle call like line ups they have in brothels. That’s something I could never participate in.

I spent quite a bit of time researching – which I thoroughly enjoyed, and I think I’ve found the perfect someone to help complete the picture. She regularly visits the area and is completely open to participating in my fantasy scene, her rates are acceptable and she seems super cool. I think she will be the perfect fit for my fantasy.

Having figured it all out I guess it’s time to make it happen. I shall let you know what eventuates.

Violet XX

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