A Truck Load of Toys From Nexus

Nexus Range of Sex Toys have arrived Down Under

My big box of love featuring nearly every toy in the Nexus Range of sex toysUpon signing a distribution deal for Australia the lovely folks from the UK based Nexus got in touch with me to see if I’d like to review some toys for them and help introduce them to my fellow Aussie natives – and of course I accepted. I’m not the type to turn such fabulouso propositions down. When a huge shipping container packed full of sex toys left the UK headed for our sunny little colony it had a huge box inside it with my name all over it. As you can see it was a pretty darn big box!

Nexus seriously don’t do things by halves – I think they sent me their entire line! But don’t go getting jealous just yet as some of them will be getting givenaway to some of my lucky readers!! whoo hoo!

It is definitely going to take me a while to get around to playing with all of these toys, let alone get all of their reviews written up so I thought I’d just share a sneak peek at just which toys Nexus have sent me to share with you – and if you have any questions feel free to fire away via comments or my contact form up the top there.

My collection of Nexus includes toys for everyone, no matter your sex or sexual orientation. Actually one of the coolest features of a number of the toys in their line, such as the G-Rider, is that their design is suitable for both male and female anatomy. Many of the toys are suitable for both G-Spot  and P-Spot (aka the male G-Spot, or the prostate) stimulation as well. As they are made of non porous, phthalate free, body friendly materials that can easily be sterilised they are perfect for sharing with a partner.

I’ve also got to tell you that their silicone is just awesome! It has a finish that they describe as ‘brushed’. A nice soft matte surface that is a little velvety and plush whilst still being beautifully sleek. It’s the nicest silicone that I have ever had the pleasure of fucking!

Nexus I Stim electro stimulation deviceI think the most interesting toy that they have sent me is The Nexus iSTIM. An electro stimulation machine similar to the popular violet wand designed to be used for erotic electrostimulation. It can create sensations that range from soft, relaxing and even therapeutic right on through to the completely sadistic and painfully tortuous. It’s not a device for the feint of heart… 1  but it creates out of this world sensations either through contact pads plasced on the  skin or via the attatchments that connect straight to some of the toys in the Nexus Range.

nexus glide Two of the toys which I was sent easily attach to the iSTIM, The Nexus Neo and Nexus NeoThe Nexus Glide. Both of these toys are crafted from rigid plastic that is 100% body friendly and free from all the nasties such as Phthalates. They both feature a bulbous shaft with an angle that really helps it to hone in on the pleasure zones within both the male and female anatomy. Whilst they easily pair up with the iSTIM they are also great for non electrifying fun too.

Whilst these two don’t vibrate the Nexus Vibro is a different story. Fitted out with a 5 speed bullet that is controlled by its own little microchip it takes the concept of the Neo & the Glide to the next level of fun. And although I haven’t yet tried it with the iSTIM ((we don’t get along to well following a major electric shock, despite it being my fault it bloody hurt!) it does have the same shape and roller ball that the others have for connecting things up together.

Nexus Ridge RiderThe  other vibrating toys within the box include the Nexus G-Rider and the Nexus Ridge Rider – two toys that have bulbous shafts perfect to apply pressure to the pleasure points whilst backing them up with strong vibrations and unique bases. Both of these “rocking” toys have a curved base which allows you to really ride these toys against a hard surface such as a chair. With extra nubs on the base to help stimulate the perineum or the clitoris during use.

The shape of the two rockers is echoed in the Gplay trio. A beautifully boxed set of three soft silicone G-Spot vibrators in three sizes that range frim tiny to around a medium size. With the most amazingly soft silicone surface these could prove to be a perfect introduction for someone interested in experimenting with anal play, or those who prefer much smaller objects inside their vagina as opposed to me who likes to stretch the crap out of it!

Another vibrator included in my Nexus collection is the Nexus Isis – a sleek and sexy silvenexus isis stainless steel silver bullet vibratorr, stainless steel bullet like vibrator that features 10 different vibration patterns and vibration intensities. This really is a beautiful and well crafted piece. I feel somewhat honoured to have it in my collection. The combination of cold hard steel and vibrations is rather delectable.

Nexus Max 5 VibratorThe last vibrating toy I received in my box full of Nexus was the Nexus Max 5 which has scared the living crap out of the ex/flatmate. It’s another one of those G-Spot/P-Spot vibrators that is  quite large and a bit intimidating to look at for those who are anally inexperienced. To me on the other hand I love it as there are rows of bumps on the front that I can kind of grind against and the vibrations to the clit are quite intense as that is where the bullet sits in the toy.

Nexus Gyro with its spherical baseThe last two are also a little intimidating size wise. Whilst neither of them vibrate both the Nexus O and the Nexus Gyro do have large proportions. The Gyro can be used by any sex and it has a really cool spherical base, so just like the rocking toys you can sit down with this inserted and conjour up some unique sensations that you can’t get anywhere else. Although it has a shaft very similar to the other toys I’ve found that this is my favourite toy for anal play simply die to its weight as well as the funky roller base.

The Nthe Nexus O Prostate massagerexus O is one of the toys specifically for the bopys. Designed for one side to be inserted anally the other side applies pressure against the perenium right up behind your nuts. I’m yet to tempt the flatmate, or any other guy to take it for a wehirl for me… but I’m sure I’ll find someone up for the task.

OMG – I am such a lucky bitch!…..

Now that Nexus have officially arrived on our Australian shores their entire line are available from a number of great Australian sex toy stores and online sex toy retailers.

number 96 LucreziaDeSade  TwistedToys clubXshop

 A huge thanks to the folks from Nexus for sending me so many awesome toys to review.

If you have a question about any of these toys from Nexus feel free to contact me via my contact form or comment below.

And because I’m a piscies and will just swim around in circles continuously rather than make a decision – what toys would you like me to review first?

  1. like seriously if you have a heart condition it could mess you up! []


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