Bronze Angel

Bronzed Beach AngelHe sat there mesmerised by her radiant beauty before she stood and excused herself so that she could go and change into her bathing suit. His eyes followed her to her.  Her bedroom door remained open a crack, she thought  no one could see into her room from where they were gathered. Yet from his position he could see her image reflected in the bronze statue that stood in the hall. She unzipped her dress and her clothing fell to the floor as she released her long blonde hair. The silhouette of her long, lithe body  took on a sepia tone in the bronzed reflection. She became his bronze angel.



This is my first attempt at publishing anything like erotica, so please be kind.

Part of 100 words of Smut September hosted by OurSex Each day in September there is a single word to prompt you to write 100 sexy words.



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