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Whether you simply enjoy sex toys or you are obsessive over them (ie:me) the thought of having a custom made, personalised just for you sex toy may have entered your head at some time. Well I know I sure have thought about designing my own toy. Ever since I got my first vibrator my mind has been imagining the sex toy of my dreams.

Since becoming a sex toy reviewer the idea of designing my own sex toy has gradually grown from a mere dream into a goal I hope to one day achieve. If I had of gotten my 2011 New Years resolution post published one of the items would’ve been to look into creating my own toy as well as to get to work on actually designing one! Part of this design my own sex toy idea ventured off into a daydream about creating a business that could make customised sex toys. Sex toys that would be specialised to suit to the individual tastes of the user… but damn it someone beat me to it! Every woman has completely individual desires, predilections and even anatomical differences. There’s no one-size-fits-all option at Made To Pleasure – we really believe each woman should be led by her own desires and preferences. are a high end, online sex toy boutique who believe sex toys should be as unique and individual as their users are. A luxury sex toy company with the tag line : ‘Your pleasure toy, designed by you‘  has just been launched, causing an almost deafening amount of buzz within mere weeks.

They have created a ‘sex toy design boutique’ that allows customers to create their ultimate, individual sex toy. Via their website’s flash based design program you can design a toy to suit your personal desires and and submit it to be made for you. With a choice of three luxury materials; Clear Acrylic, Silver and Gold.

These are True luxury pleasure toys.

design your own sex toy with made to pleasure's sex toy design boutiqueFor those who aren’t so sure about designing their own sex toy Made To Pleasure also offer a VIP Design Service, helping to ensure that the end result will be perfectly right for you.

There is also the option of choosing something from their off the peg range of toys. 6 different designs, again available in your choice of their 3 luxury materials. All created with the customers pleasure in mind. These 6 designs are also pre-loaded into the design boutique where you can make your own personal adjustments to them.

I’m really quite envious that this UK based company has managed to do what I could only dream about. But that aside, being the artsy person that I am I simply couldn’t help but play about in the design studio creating a few of my own ingenious, and possibly impractical designs.

the sex toys I designed myself on made to pleasure

If you’re looking for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift for a lover who has everything you really can’t go past a custom designed sex toy, or even one of their brand new off the peg designs. I would just die if I got such an amazing Valentines gift.

In the all important run up to Valentines Made to Pleasure are offering free postage for all of their UK based customers on both their off the peg and bespoke designs. Although their free shipping is limited to the UK they can still create a one of a kind gift for your beloved and get it to you in time for Valentine’s Day, just be sure to submit your design and order it before February 1st.

All of Made To Pleasure’s toys arrive in their own, equally stunning gift boxes. Along with a separate bullet style vibrator, lubricant and toy cleansing wipes. They are also covered by a 3year warranty.

I can hardly wait until I have my own Made To Pleasure toy to play with! If you come up with some of your own amazing designs please do share them, I’d love to see them.

Violet xx


  1. says

    Well for me one of the benefits of using toys over the real thing is that lack of really needing to clean up afterwards – so I doubt I’d be interested in an ejaculating toy, but there are definitely vibrating strap-ons out there.. maybe even some with balls.

  2. Ugly American says

    Someone needs to make a heavy (stainless steel) anal plug that has a base that keeps it in place while at the same time allowing for vaginal penetration.

    Every anal plug my wife and I have tried has a base that, either partially of fully, obstructs the vaginal opening. This makes it impossible for us to engage in the double penetration sensation overload that she enjoys so much.

    While we consider ourselves open minded, in this day and age, finding a quality, fellow, straight male whom fulfills all of our strict requirements for a potential additional partner, all for her pleasure of course, is too daunting a task.

    With so many potential risks involved, we’ll just have to settle for toys and our imaginations.

  3. Ursula Boehme says

    Dear Violet,

    What happened to the Made To Pleasure (MTP) website? I would love for them to duplicate my favorite toy, Perfect Lover, which is no longer available. Thank you for any help with this.


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