LELO Dare Me Pleasure Set Giveaway

Win some LELO Pleasure ObjectsLELO dare me pleasure set

One of my favourite things I get to do as a blogger is to give away free stuff and to help me celebrate a couple of recent milestones the lovely people from LELO are sponsoring this giveaway where you could win yourself your very own Dare Me Pleasure set which retails for $149au.

my old themeI‘ve been blogging away here at Screaming-Violet.com for just over 5 years now – Since May 2010. During that time  I think I created no less than 3 custom wordpress themes my blog still looked the same way it did when I moved it from wordpress.com and into its own domain. Whilst I’ve changed hosts 3 or 4 times I still had that god awful same theme. I finally have a new look with the Modern Blogger Pro Theme from Pretty Darn Cute Design. I , of course can’t help but fiddle with things so it doesn’t look identical to the super cutesy theme it initially was and I still have a few more changes to come, but I can’t tell you how happy I am to finally have a new look!


20 years ago I bought the Foo Fighters first ever single ‘This is a Call’ on luminous vinyl (This was back when Dave Grohl played every single instrument on the record – in the days before there was an actual Foo Fighters band per say.) and later in the evening I hooked up with the main man in my life a.k.a X. Whilst our relationship has certainly had its trials we have also had some kick ass great times over those 20 years and we have raised one hell of an awesome son. I’m more than happy to forget all the not so great times and shout out “hell yeah we made it!” even though everyone else was convinced otherwise.

So to celebrate all of that I am giving away this Dare Me pleasure set from LELO which consists of a set of noir luna beads, a Sensua Suede Whip and Etherea Silk Cuffs.

LELO dare me pleasure set


LELO Dare Me pleasure set

Thanks to LELO for sponsoring this giveaway.

Violet xx

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