Sexperts Wanted

I was recently approached and asked if I would write a sponsored post for a website called arousr. It is a site that offers services in what I would call the ‘sexual fantasy’ industry – phone sex, web cam girls and sexting. As I recently wrote I have just decided that I would accept opportunities to publish sponsored posts as long as I write and control the content of such posts and that the company I am linking to is one that meets my somewhat complicated, but wholly unique approval (not limited to but including being sex positive and not being scam artists or sleazy).
When I visited their site in order to research this post and make sure I wanted to work with them I came across something that excited me more than the worlds hottest cam girl and the most eloquent sexter in the universe…

A Call for Sexperts.

Arousr are looking for people to work in their soon to be launched sexpert program.

They are looking to provide a service for people who have questions and concerns of a sexual nature. So instead of talking dirty it would be discussing sex in a more objective and therapeutic way. Offering real world advice and understanding rather than assisting with sexual gratification (aka making them cum). So that if someone has a concern they can contact one of their ‘sexperts’ and have a one to one consultation via text, telephone or video call.

They are asking that applicants already have their own website: check , their own twitter following: check✔ (love you guys so much right now) and a strong profile: check ??

Wishing I had a completed university degree to show these guys rather than just a technical college certificate in counselling. Hopefully having a sex themed blog and a thorough working knowledge of all things sex toy will work in my favour along with a lot of real life experiences and being well read. I’ve been practising sex for 20 years so surely that counts as something!!

Years ago I worked on a physic phone line reading tarot cards (one of my many untapped skills) so I am well versed in the ways of that world- keeping the conversation flowing and drawing out the call and of course keeping clients wanting to come back for more. It’s amazing how much people spend on such things, at $4.95/minute I had one lady who rang every single Sunday for a reading and she would ramble on for an hour or more!


Being a sexpert would totally kick ass over phone tarot card reader.

I love the conversations I have with people when they discover the subject of my blog and that I’m well versed in all things sex toy. The subject that comes up most often is about getting back into the swing of things sexually after having kids, after getting a divorce or even a period of disinterest.  And whilst I’m certain the subjects that the arousr sexpert customers wish to discuss would be wide and varied I think that my extra knowledge within that little niche would come in handy at some point.

I’ll be sure to let you know if they think I’ve got what it takes.


Violet xx

This is a sponsored post which I have received payment to publish. Its content and any opinions expressed within are wholly mine.

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