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I just got home after almost a fortnight stuck in the hospital with a stupid chest infection1 and was absolutely overjoyed to learn that I had been included in Miss X’s Top five sex toy reviewers

I must say I’m pretty chuffed to have my name mentioned amidst the likes of Epiphora, Dangerous Lilly, The Red Head Bedhead and Naughty Reenie. These are some of the best sex toy bloggers on the earth, bloggers I look up to, women I hold in high esteem and greatly admire. Somehow or other I managed to be mentioned alongside them, which is certainly a nice little boost to one’s self esteem.

My package from Miss XMiss X is a relatively new Australian sex toy retailer that only carry the best of the best sex toys. The reason I can say this is because they choose what products to stock based upon what all of us sex toy bloggers have to say about products, rather than just listening to what sales managers have to say, or how a toy may appear to work when held in one’s hand but is a complete failure when you get it into the bedroom. I’ve already reviewed a great vibrator for them and have some more coming up soon – I received this cutely wrapped package from them a month or so ago, and hidden behind the brown paper and bright neon string hides the awesome Stronic Eins and We-Vibe Tango 2 both of which are in the review process.

Alongside thanking Miss X for the shout out & inclusion within her list I have to also thank her for what she said about me…

Being able to stand out amongst the others in the quickly growing blogsphere is incredibly important, if you don’t have something to define you from the rest you simply get lost in the rough. A lot of factors go in to being ‘visible’ and getting noticed, but a lot of them need to be combined to come up with one kick ass tag line. One Superb sentence that sums up you &/or your blog. I’ve tried (in vain) to come up with something that makes sense and points out one of my individual characteristics ie: I’m Australian, I review sex toys & am almost the only Aussie who does, I’m a plus size chick, a Wanna be size queen and I worship the njoy eleven.

But Miss X pointed out something I’d failed to realise… I’m one of the few who aren’t afraid to let the whole world know that I review sex toys…. I usually add “for a living” to the end of that sentence so people don’t think I write my reviews in a personal diary or something. I let them know I’m the real deal. I don’t hide it away, keep it a secret or be in anyway embarrassed or ashamed about it. I’m out and proud as a sex toy reviewer – thus I’m bringing sex toys out of the closet in a sense.

I have struggled for the longest time to come up with a somewhat awesome tag line. Christ Epiphora has had two awesome taglines, it’s almost like she secretly breeds them.  Originally it was ‘conquering the world one sex toy at a time’ and  now her blog’s tagline is ‘where sex toys go to be judged’.

I want an awesome tagline like that and was thinking of maybe including the “out of the closet” idea in my tagline… What do you think??

Screaming Violet – bringing sex toys out of the closet and into your … hmm I was thinking hands but just realised that version won’t work… or does it?

I don’t know, but if you have any ideas please do share. I’m in the process of “re-branding” my blog, giving it a much better theme and easier to read layout and some cool other features, but I’m really coming up short with ideas for a tagline and a logo and would be grateful for any suggestions, ideas or criticisms even. It all helps in the design process.


Thanks again to Miss X –  I hope you know you are one of my favourites too 🙂

Violet xx

PS. Although this subject is due to a post of its own – if not a series of posts, but after 16 straight years of smoking at a rate of 25-50 cigarettes a day I have now been smoke free for 14 days. It’s fucking massive. I love smoking… I loved smoking but it really had to go.

  1. well it was slightly more than that but you aren’t here for a medical lecture! []
  2. my parcel was posted in a non descript, discreet post satchel when sent to me, these two presents were what was inside – just in case you thought your purchase might arrive looking like this with neon coloured ribbons at the post office! lol []


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      Thanks Shellie. Iv’e gone from 25-50 cigarettes a day to none in the past 24 days 12 hours and 47 minutes – saving myself $480 – how did people quit without an app to help them out and point out how much they were saving lol

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    Idea: Dragging sex toys out from down under.

    I’ve gone totally the opposite direction for my blog. I’m *Secretly* Sensuous, and the posts are more personal than objective. I found that was the only way I could do things without the blog becoming burdensome. And being “out” would currently have massive social ramifications for me and would also change my healthcare options. I’m not ashamed of it, but I’m not planning to knock my legs out from under me, either! Perhaps someday will be my time for that. In the meantime, I’m glad to see you enjoying your freedom. 😀

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