Myths and Facts about Breast Cancer – Infographic

Being that it is October and International Breast Cancer Awareness Month I thought I’s share an info graphic or two about breast cancer with you.

I remember back when they thought you wouldn’t develop breast cancer if you were under 40 – then the beautiful Belinda Emmett, a popular Australian soapie star developed cancer at just 24 years of age. Her 8 year long public battle woke young Australian women up to the fact that Breast Cancer doesn’t discriminate. The 1% of men who also develop breast cancer are just further proof of its indiscriminatory nature.

Breast Cancer Infographic Myths and truths about breast cancer
While you are here please take a moment to visit the Breast Cancer Site and help fight Breast Cancer and help fund free mammograms with just a couple of clicks of your mouse.

Violet xx

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