So Sick of being Sick

I’ve been sick for past 6 weeks, close to 40 days solid that have been filled with germs. A basic case of the flu turned into a chest infection which in turn developed into pneumonia. Two weeks or so ago I was starting to get better,  still exhausted and lethargic but I felt like the bugs had been killed off. Sadly I was wrong and the germs had yet again set up camp in my chest, they also began creating colonies in my ears, nose, throat and kidneys. My body is a total germ fest and I’m seriously falling apart.

I forget the last time I had the energy to get anything meaningful done, something that’s quite clearly reflected in my blog. No posts, no reviews, not even any tweeting – that’s how much of a mess I am! I even failed to announce the winner of my all on red giveaway when it ended which is just slack and in my head that’s just not good enough – so I apologise for the delay with that.

I also need to apologise that I’ve not posted any reviews lately, I’ve got a huge queue of toys waiting for review and I feel awful that I’ve not completed them, hopefully everyone can understand that at the moment the last thing I’ve felt like doing is playing with toys and I will never ever post a review of any product without using it multiple times and knowing just about everything I can about them. I feel guilty looking at the packages of sex toys lined up in the lounge room, but I know I’d feel far guilty-er if I were to try to fob off half baked reviews. No one has complained to me1 so I hope people and the companies can understand my situation and have some empathy regarding the situation

Once these bugs are under control and I get some energy back I’m going to do my very best and churn out the reviews and catch up on my commitments. If you are waiting on me to post a review on a product you have sent me and have any concerns please feel free to use my contact form to get in touch or just send me an email.

I’m hoping that  this next round of drugs will manage to kill these infections off so I can get back to my blog and the community that I love.

Hope to see you soon
Violet xx

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