Wanton Wednesday – Stripes are Sexy

Dangerous Lilly did a very silly, very dangerous thing in one of her recent Wanton Wednesday Posts when she said the wantoness doesn’t need to be self portaits when she shared her love for gear stick porn. So it’s likely I’ll have something sexy to post every week, albeit sans me. There’s only so much I can do without someone to hold the camera,

So this week I’ve found some sexy, sexy stocking pics to share, I just forget exactly where they came from!1 I’m sure I posted them all to my Tumblr acct though.

wanton wednesdays - join the Wanton Fun
Get Your Wantoness On

via tumblr

santa stripes

sexy striped stockings tied with a red ribbon

too rude to view here

sexy kinda psycho

EmilieAutumn Via link

Although there is no me, I hope you still like them. Til next time…

Violet xx

  1. Promise to provide links to sources etc if I post others images in the future []


  1. says

    Ohhh I do love these… I am wearing mutli coloured stripey long socks today….but I love the last picture of the mix and match. I wonder if I am brave enough


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