We Vibe 3 on its way

My Favourite Couples Sex Toy is Getting ReVamped

My We Vibe 2 is by far my favourite couples sex toy, it kicks ass in so many ways. When it We Vibe 3 coming sooncame out is was absolutely revolutionary, there was nothing even close to its functionality on the maeket. Over the years since the first we vibe was released a number of other companies have used it for “inspiration” for their own couple’s sex toys, and some have even completely ripped it off! But they do say immitation is the highest form of flattery.

Anyway We Vibe have revamped and updated the worlds #1 couple’s sex toy and the new We Vibe 3 will soon be released onto the market.

The one major issue I’ve had with my we vibe is how difficult it is to change the vibration setting during use. With the charging port and control buttons sitting right at the tip of the toy I find that it nestles too deeply between my labia for me to access it – which kind of defeats the purpose. I know that with some womens anatomy this isn’t an issue, but for me it is. In my original review I even commented that having a wireless remote control would make the we vibe so much better – and I’m glad to see that it’s an idea they’ve worked into the latest release. But that’s not the only improvements that they have made.

The New Features include:The new we vibe 3 with charging dock and travel case

  • Waterproof
  • 40% Extra Power
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Wireless Charger Bse
  • Travel Case
  • 6 different Vibration Patterns
  • Available in the the “new” we vibe colors. Purple, Teal and Ruby Red

The 40% extra power is what impresses me most. My clit of steel already enjoys the strength of the we vibes 2nd incarnation, so 40% extra is an exciting promise.

But its the one thing I wanted most that gives me doubts.

the wireless remote control of the we vibe 3Wireless remote controlled sex toys are notorious for weak signals that don’t even get close to the claimed signal range, but I really do hope that the we vibe 3 comes close to its promoted reach of around 3metres or 10 feet. The remote looks sleek and sexy, but that says nothing about how well it works, I can’t wait to get my hands on one to find out!

They have cut the vibration patterns back from 9 to 6, but the ones they have kept are definitely the best ones. The Cha Cha patterns rocks my world. The same little ridges that rub against the clit, creating the extra bit of oomph to tip me over the edge are still there – which is something none of the other knock offs have tried to repeat, which I find odd as the ridges are one of the important features that makes the we vibe such an awesome toy.

the 6 vibration patterns of the we vibe 3the we vibe 3 comes with a travel case

As for the way it charges and its travel case – I won’t comment on them until I’ve seen and experienced them for myself. For  the 3rd generation of the we vibe to be waterproof they obviously needed to remove the tiny charging hole in the tip of the toy, but I would’ve thought they would use a magnetic charger connection similar to what they have used with the Tango, Salsa and Touch. So I’m looking forward to seeing how this charging base come travel case functions.  I never thought it needeOne thing is for sure though, the new case will make charging it far more discreet. Here’s hoping it comes pre-charged – something that was a real let down with the we vibe 2.

the we vibe3 comes in 3 sexy colorsJust like its predecessor it is made from body safe silicone and comes in the three “new” we vibe colors, the traditional purple, A Sleek Teal and Ruby Red which funnily enough I prefer over the teal!

As a reviewer I don’t tend to pay for sex toys toys too often, but the we vibe2 is the one I’m happy I shelled out for. For me its been worth its weight in gold, so number 3 can’t get here quick enough.

If you want to find out more about the upcoming release of the We Vibe 3 visit the official we-vibe.com website.

Violet xx


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