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BS Is Nice

You know that feeling of anticipation and butterflies fluttering in your belly that you get when you see or meet someone who you are crushing upon. That physical manifestation of lust and excitement . . .

I get the same feeling when I discover a new sex toy that looks like it will push my buttons. Although the butterflies feel as though they are trapped in my pelvis rather than my belly. I guess it’s something similar to the way we get turned on when watching porn – We see something we like, something we think will feel pleasurable and we start to imagine how it would feel and so our bodies react. . .

My point being that every now and then I come across a toy that I develop a crush on and possibly become aroused at the thought of using it and turned on by imagining how it might feel to play with it.

Let me introduce my latest crush

Bs is nice bovine dildo

The ‘Vaca’ Dildo from BS is nice or as I like to call it, the ‘moo cow’ dildo.

I just want to sit it upon or suction cup it to a flat surface and slide my vagina down its gently curved shaft then glide back up. over and over and over again. I can almost feel how wonderfully pleasurable it would be, I can feel those butterflies flapping their wings inside of me.

As you can see it’s not your average dildo. It doesn’t try to look like a cock, yet  it retains the sleek, visually and physically pleasing curve and angle of a real, fully erect cock. Something that is quite unique and hard to come by! These guys really are designing from outside the box, as though they weren’t trying to re-produce the natural phallus, rather they wanted to mimic the pleasurable silhouette whilst giving their toys an artistic, creative twist.

They have some of the coolest dildos I’ve ever seen within their collection. Plus their dildos come in different sizes, so you can have a regular sized moo cow dildo or a bigger, more size queen-esque large. Options are awesome with sex toys as “one size fits all” is real BS!!

I’ve not been able to use anal toys for a while (Doctors orders),but nonetheless I seriously want one of these. . . I want five of them really. I keep imagining them in a cute, stop motion sequence dancing across the desk chasing one another and playing leapfrog.


In the USA you can find the moo cow dildo at SheVibe, where they have both the Large and Medium sized ‘Vaca’ they also stock an assortment of other toys from BS is Nice. In Australia Femplay have them for sale

Or you can buy directly from the manufacturer where each and every product is hand-made to perfection.

If you would like me to review this product for you please get in touch with me.

Violet xox


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