A break in the drought

I have a confession to make… For the majority of this year I’ve not had sex. It almost broke me. It might not seem to be that big of a deal, but for a girl who has sex on her mind almost 24/7 a three month long, continuous drought is a bit of a major deal.

I haven’t seen, let alone slept with -B since the beginning of the year and the tenuous relationship I tried to delicately piece together mid year fell apart in a spectacular fashion (although I must confess I didn’t mention it as I had a feeling that that particular person wouldn’t be in my life for very long).

Finally, after months of longing and even a few orgasmic dreams where I quite literally woke up having an orgasm (I shit you not) I have managed to break the drought and in quite spectacular fashion.

The who doesn’t matter as they certainly won’t be in my life for very long but it was out of this world fantastic!

It started with a spray can of creamy icing and went on to include the nJoy Eleven and my super strong mystic wand vibrator. He was quite the nipple connoisseur, he could do things with his tongue that no other partner I’ve been with could ever equal. I swear he nearly made me cum via his mouth on my nipple alone. It was a good, long, hard fuck involving a torrential squirting orgasm and the resulting huge puddle on the bed, ending with a mind jolting, bone shaking, screaming orgasm that I’m sure must’ve woken the neighbours. It left every single cell of my body buzzing, even the tip of my nose felt like it had pins and needles. Fucking rare but fucking awesome.

I’m almost sad to know I won’t get to have the same experience time and time again, but I’m in no state to even consider a relationship and he’s one of those take everything or take nothing kind of guys. None of this friends with benefits or no strings attached stuff will work for him, and nothing else will work for me. But then again you know what they say about mice & men….

Anyway the drought is over, at least for now and I’m going back to bed…


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    I’m relieved to know that there are other women out there who have “wet dreams.” I felt like such a fucking freak the first time it happened to me.

    Congrats on breaking the drought 🙂

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