An old story

Many many years ago, I loved a man I never met. I was so enamored with him, even though I knew that he would never be mine, I would never hold his hand or feel his touch… but he made me feel his love.

I would write the most tragic and just BAD erotic stories that I’d email to him at work so that when he arrived home he would be alone and horny, just the way I liked him. We sat in front of our computers half a world away from one another, for the most part there was a lot of “cyber” sex (aka masturbation) (and to think I only owned one vibrator at that time!!) but there was also a lot of conversation which created some kind of connection. An undeniable, inexplicable, intangible connection between my soul and some part of him – I don’t think our dalliance had the same impact upon him as it did me, but I know he would never forget me.

Anyway as I said I wrote tragic, teenage erotica, and tonight I found some of those old stories and emails – so here some is.

For bob,


waiting in the bath for himMy mind is somehow occupied by thoughts of you. You’re off somewhere with clients whilst I’m hidden away in your hotel room, your secret little treasure hidden away from the world.

You left for work this morning enthralled by the thought of me waiting here for you. All day the thoughts of last nights passion creep into your consciousness, making it hard for you to concentrate.

You race back to the hotel as soon as you can spare some time in your schedule. You find me relaxing in the biggest bath ive ever seen. Filled to the brim with bubbles. And me.

My mind has wandered off into that lithe, capricious world of dreams and I don’t notice you come in. You’ve brought flowers, a huge bunch of irises and babies breath. You place them gently on the floor, so quiet as to not disturb my nirvana like state. You undress quickly but silently, your clothing quickly becoming an abandoned pile of fabric lost within the corner of the room.

Slowly you slip into the end of the bathtub, it’s more a spa than a bath it’s huge! You rub your foot along the length of my leg, and I open my eyes, a look of pleasant surprise greets you.

You slide gently along the bath so that you are beside me, and then we kiss. A most magical kiss, the kind that sends fireworks out into the stratosphere. You wrap your arms around me, and tell me how much you’ve missed me. I let you envelope me in your embrace as my hands begin to wander.

Just rubbing your chest with the bubbles to start with, running my fingers over and around your nipples. You didn’t forget the soundtrack; U2 gently flows in the atmosphere around us. I kiss you again, this kiss so filled with wanton passion. My hands search lower, beneath the hot water, I wrap my fingers around your cock as I feel it growing gently with my touch.

bath sexYou caress my breasts, loving the smooth skin, my perky nipples. You lower your head and take one into your mouth. Sucking gently and teasing me with a gentle bite. I take your hand and guide it between the bare lips of my pussy; you can feel the smoothness of the skin as your fingers explore my truly inner being. That certain silkiness of the inside of my pussy, your fingers move inside of me, gently, slowly exploring.

My hand wrapped around you as you grow, starts to slowly and gently massage it. Up and down just gently, my fingers circling around the head, just rubbing it. I’m getting wet just by the thought of your dick, the thought of what it does for me.
With my legs entwined in yours I roll over so that my chin is resting on your chest, I can feel your hard on pushing against my stomach. I look up at you and stare into your eyes. I pull myself up and we kiss, just tenderly but you can sense the mounting passion.

You wrap your arms around my naked wet body and pull me close to you. I spread my legs just slightly, enough to feel your hard cock pressing against my clit. You just hold me tight and kiss me, just the feeling of your lips against mine turns me on no end.*

You grab me and move me so that you can penetrate me deeply. The feeling of your hard cock entering my hot pussy sends shivers up my spine. I want to take it all in and then some. I just hunger and crave for that feeling of you deep within me, two bodies entwined as one.

You rub bubbles all over my velvety skin, whilst I begin to rise and fall ever so slowly and subtly. Just enjoying every inch of you. Rising far enough that the head of your cock just presses against the opening of my pussy. When the anticipation of the inward thrust is about to drive you wild, I push myself downward swiftly. Making you loose your breath as I loose mine

An eloquent rhythm starts to build, as the music fills the room. We start our own symphony. The good feeling that fills my inner being, and flows through to you.

After one long hard thrust down onto your cock, the kind that leaves you begging for more, I get up to leave the bath, grabbing your hand and pulling you after me. We leave the bathroom naked and dripping, my wet hair falling down my back. Light reflecting of the water as it beads down my legs.

You grab me on the shoulder and spin me around. Kissing me deeply as you take me into your arms. You run a hand down my thigh, grabbing my leg just behind my knee, you lift it up so that it is level with your hip. You grab the other leg, picking me up so that both my legs are wrapped tightly around you. My arms just draped around your neck. We continue to kiss passionately.

against the wallYou push me up against the wall, and enter me with a pleasant force. You can feel the heat of my wet pussy as it envelops your cock with its smooth walls.

It feels so marvelously wonderful to have your hard cock pushing into me hard, the force of it pushing me higher and higher up the wall. I can feel your pubic bone gently grazing against my clit, with each inward thrust the pressure sends waves of intense pleasure throughout my entire being.

My pussy grips you tighter and tighter; you can feel it as my body enters into the realm of an intensely wild orgasm. Throwing my head back, OOPS there’s the wall. My breathing becoming spasmodic my muscles becoming rigid. Your cock pumping at me harder and faster as I beg you to fuck me.

Just pushing me harder against the wall, me wrapping my legs around you tighter pushing back against you, trying to get you deeper inside of my hot pussy. Thrusting against you uncontrollably, pushing you deeper into me with my legs, I cant hold back a moment longer, I’m cumming with such force I cannot help but scream with pleasure.

As all my muscles begin to release you can feel the blood pulsating through all my veins, my pussy gripping and releasing your still hard cock rhythmically.

You hold me tight up against the wall, kissing me gently whilst you remain deep inside me. As I begin to recover from what could only be described as an earth shattering orgasm, I slowly unlock my legs from around you. You lower me to the ground so that I stand before you.

I kneel down before you and kiss the head of your dick. Just tasting the slightest hint of my juices with my lips. Slowly but surely my tongue circles around the head before I open my mouth wide taking it all in. Running my tongue along the shaft, and taking it deep into my mouth.

Running my hands along your legs and feeling your butt. One hand cups your balls, just massaging them ever so gently. I run my tongue lightly along the underside of your dick, ever so lightly tickling you teasing you immensely. Smoothly and rhythmically running my lips up and down, swirling my tongue around.

Whilst kneeling on the soft carpet sucking on your throbbing cock, my hand ventures between my own legs. Finding my clit I press my finger hard against it. I can still feel it pulsating and throbbing. Enjoying feeling my oh so wet pussy whilst I taste it on you.

My movements become faster both with my hands and with my mouth. I want nothing more than to have your cum shot down the back of my throat.

I’m giving you the head job of a lifetime, my mouth just begging for you to cum. My left hand running along your hard cock along with my mouth, increasing the sensation for you. You start thrusting forwards into my mouth. It turns me on no end, and my fingers dive deep into my pussy, 1 to start with then 2, in and out just like your dick in my mouth.

You let out the sweetest moan as I taste your cum in my mouth, hot and creamy it drips down my throat, and I swallow whole heatedly. I suck every last drop of it from your pulsating cock. Kissing it one last time I remove my fingers from my hot pussy and suck them one by one, the taste of the two of us combined is nothing less than divine.

You walk off back into the bathroom and grab us both a bathrobe; you wrap the warmth of it around me and hold me in your arms. We walk hand in hand out onto the balcony and enjoy the view along with the champagne you brought up with you…

… I was 19 and in love with a 29yr old American, a corporate banker living in Hong Kong  who I knew I could never meet let alone fuck. It was as tragic as the stories I created for us to explore. I was so young and naive. Maybe it’s time for me to write something new.

Violet xx

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  1. Liras says

    Hi Violet. You were 19 and working through a fantasy. I bet that some of the most polished ad entrancing writers had a few stories written in their youth which were the same.

    Like when giving a gift, it is the thought that counts, not the item. 🙂

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