Australian Sex Toy Statistics

Sex Toys Down Under

My life continues to be a total suck-fest. I can barely put two words together of late, so in the place of some new, entertaining insightful content I offer you an infographic… I love an infographic but in this case I put my hand up to acknowledge the fact that this is one of those things sex toy companies try to peddle to us bloggers in hopes of getting a link back… but in my current suck-fest effected mind I’m taking up the offer.

In the mean time I’m working on some real content for you all, stuff like why bloggers need to come to terms with google+ and an explanation and quick guide to author ranking. I’m sure I’ll find a way to fit some sex in there too.

So here it is, Australian Sex Toy Statistics


courtesy of Pleasure Den

Til next time – when I’m sure I’ll create my own content,

Violet xx


  1. Jack Hunter says

    I’d love to see comparison statistics for European countries and the US. Even in the recession, sex toy sales have increased worldwide…we can’t afford to eat, but we can buy vibrating willies!! x


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