Budding Bliss

budding blissHe holds his ice cold bottle of Bud, trying to act nonchalant as the growing bulge in his shorts becomes visible. Through the thin fabric she runs her finger against his cock, delicately teasing him as her eyes continue seducing him. He has dreamt of such a moment for many, many months.  he fears  the tender budding romance may be destroyed if he succumbs to the overwhelming desire to encourage her advances.  She trails her fingers from his groin up to his chest towards his face, lingering at his chin so as to direct his lips to meet her gentle kiss.



This is a part of 100 words of Smut September hosted by OurSex Secrets.com. Each day in September there is a single word to prompt you to write 100 sexy words. To read my posts in order visit my initial 100 words of smut post



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