They Sail

feet dangling into the waterThey sat side by side on the deck as they sailed across the harbour, taking refuge from the sun’s heat in the shadows of the sail. The flesh of their thighs pressed together, her every movement sent shock-waves through his body. His cock began to stir. His eyes fell to  her rounded breasts as he imagined caressing them with his lips.  She shot him a smouldering glance, almost as though she could hear his dirty thoughts and agreed with them. Gently and provocatively she placed her hand on his knee before gradually letting it glide up his inner thigh toward his ever hardening cock



This is a part of 100 words of Smut September hosted by OurSex Each day in September there is a single word to prompt you to write 100 sexy words. To read my posts in order visit my initial 100 words of smut post

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