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Sinful SundayMy First Sinful Sunday

It’s all about Colour!

This is my first time participating in Sinful Sunday, but it’s no secret than I’m a huge fan of this style of photo meme. I dare say it is simply the first of many to come.

Although the rules governing Sinful Sunday are quite relaxed there is a “prompt” for the month of June – Colour Filter.

Violet in blue

It’s a photo of my favourite Dildo on Earth – the nJoy Eleven and some of the cards from my erotic alphabet postcard book all arranged upon my bed – I love how you can see just how heavy that dildo is!

I added a coloured filter when taking the photo on my phone, then in photoshop I played with levels and then added different filters to bring up the real colours for each of the letters. To finish it off I switched over to Corel’s Paint Shop Pro and added the border which I coloured with tones taken from the main picture.


See you next Sunday

Violet xx


  1. says

    I love this image. I think it is the perfect Sinful Sunday introduction to you. I agree about the fact you managed to show the weight of the dildo in this image and I like the slight retro feel the whole shot has


  2. SweetWomanDirtyMind says

    Your bedspread’s lettering was the perfect backdrop for this photo. There is so much in it to draw the eye.

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