FAQ -sometimes crazy questions I’ve been asked

Can a Fleshlight be made to match my wife?

short answer is no.  Well unless she’s a major porn star.

Longer answer, in the crazy world of the internet where people make homemade dildos using caulking silicone bought at the hardware store, or create their own fleshlights by bubble wrapping sponges and shoving them into coke bottles… possibly yes.  But it would have to be a DIY custom job. Buy a clone a pussy kit and a fleshlight featuring your favourite inner texture. Chop the top of of your perfectly good fleshlight and then using the clone a pussy kit make a mould of her vulva (the outside bits) and cast yourself a new top for your fleshlight.

If you want to completely re-create her pussy then it’s going to become a much more involved, far messier project that’s going to require seaweed, a decent knowledge of chemistry and some gynaecological tools. But shit it would be a great way for a woman to show her man how much he means to her.

How Do I Apply Corn Starch [aka corn flour or corn powder] to my fleshlight?

This.. well this is a pretty easy one that just requires some corn flour – or whatever word you use in your country for it, and a clean and fully dried fleshlight sleeve. All you have to do is sprinkle the stuff onto the sleeve. It’s best done over a sink so you can clean up the excess that misses the sleeve easily. After you’ve sprinkled it all over blow off the excess and voila, you are done. Pretty easy stuff huh!

How Do I repair a cracked gel or jelly dildo?

You don’t.

#1 Gel or Jelly is far from being a good material to make sex toys from. It’s a porous material so all kinds of bacteria can breed on the surface and start burrowing into the material to create super nasty little cities. And no one’s vagina wants to host a party for an unwelcome, unfriendly bacteria.

#2 It may contain Pthalates and other chemical nasties that are used to make the jelly,, most of which aren’t good or safe to insert into your body.

#3 It’s cheap and just yuck – silicone may attract fuzzies, but Jelly dildos attack them and use the fizzies to build even bigger cities for the nasty bacteria and it’s feasty mates

I’d go on but there’s too many reasons why you shouldn’t mend a jelly dildo. Actually you shouldn’t try to mend a tear, crack or rip in any dildo, no matter what it is made out of.  Just go out and buy a new, preferably Silicone dildo that won’t let bugs breed or leech poisonous chemicals into your vag. You wouldn’t want to stick a tampon thats been opened and rolling around in your bag collecting fuzz inside you, same thing goes for old, cracked and generally not nice jelly dildos.

Can I make a sex toy out of butter?

ummmm. No. And even if you could I would strongly advise against fucking anything made out of or covered in butter or any other food substance.

Can I use Alchol Wipes on Silicone dildos (vibrators or other silicone sex toys)?

Using wipes that contain alcohol to clean silicone sex toys is safe and should not damage the surface of the silicone. (that is if it is real silicone) However soaking anything made of silicone in alcohol will quite likely damage it.. The trick here is that by wiping the surface with alcohol (either as a pre0made wipe or with a cotton ball soaked in Isopropyl alcohol) it quickly and easily evaporates leaving no residue and not damagiong the material. Note: use Isopropyl alcohol only (aka rubbing alcohol – in Australia it’s sold as Isocol). You don’t really wanty to be using rum or borboun here – save that stuff for drinking guys.

If you are concerned about damaging the surface of a sex toy try a small patch test on an area near the base where it doesn’t really matter if it does get damaged. Other sex toy materials that are perfect for being cleaned with alcohol include glass, hard plastic and metal

Silicone toys can also be wiped down with a diluted bleach solution (allow it to try and then rinse well with water before using it again) and if it is a dildo, without any electical or mechanical components then you can also boil it on the stove top for 5 minutes to fully sterilise it – just make sure it isn’t touching the bottom or sides of the pot as the increased temperature could melt it. Another option is putting it through a wash in the top shelf of your dishwasher, all on its own, without the dishes of course!!

 Do you have a discount coupon or code for AdultToysCorner.com.au?

Sadly no. Although the AdultToysCorner.com.au  checkout does mention a discount or coupon code none exist. I have contacted them about this in the past and if one does ever become available you will be sure to find it here! They do however guarantee that they will have the best, lowest price on stocked sex toys within Australia. Find a better price online and they will match it and throw in a free gift as well.

Can I squirt without Penetration?

I can’t really answer this for everyone as each body is unique, but I most certainly can and often do squirt without penetration. Actually it’s gotten to a point where (given the exact right situation) I can squirt with the most minimal amount of touch.It’s almost tantric and requires a fair bit of practice and I guess training, but it certainly can be done.

Can I squirt without having an Orgasm?

Again I can only answer for myself, and sadly the answer is yes. Why sadly? Wel I love the feeling that accompanies the release of a squirting orgasm, but it just isn’t the same as a really good clitoral orgasm. Often if I have squirted that clitoral orgasm is nowhere to be found, no matter how hard I try.

I mean a squirting orgasm is an orgasm, but for someone like me who’s used to full on clitoral orgasms it just isn’t the same even though it’s also very pleasurable.

Do squirting Orgasms hurt?

No. No part of sex should hurt (unless you want it to). If you experience any kind of pain you should probably be making an appointment with your Doctor rather than turning to google. Google is not god people!!

And one of the most asked questions (after designing custom sex toys which I’ll write about soon)…

What is the best sex toy for squirting?

I think most reviewers who experience female ejaculation will say that the Njoy Pure Wand is the ultimate squirting tool. Personally I love my much bigger Njoy Eleven, but can also reccomend the Curved Purple Swirl Glass dildo from Don Wands. However almost any rigid sex toy with a decent curve to it that allows you to put extra pressure on your G-Spot and uretheral sponge should pretty much do the trick!

Have you got a question? Have you come here looking for something and haven’t found it? I’d love to hear from you – just email me at links@screaming-violet.com , or if you’re lazy like me just leave a comment below.


Violet xx


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    Wow, you receive a lot of interesting questions. It seems as though many people are obsessed with squirting. I’m new to your blog, but I love what I read thus far.

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      Glad you are enjoying my blog 🙂 I do get asked a few wild and weird questions, but yeah most of them are about squirting and either repairing sex toys or making your own. I think the squirting obsession is possibly because it isn’t something covered by any kind of main stream sex education. I don’t think I even heard of it until I was over 30 and even then I thought it was just an urban legend!

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    Hey I know this is off topic but I was wondering if you knew of any widgets I could add to my blog that automatically tweet my newest twitter updates. I’ve been looking for a plug-in like this for quite some time and was hoping maybe you would have some experience with something like this. Please let me know if you run into anything. I truly enjoy reading your blog and I look forward to your new updates.

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