Tweet Old Posts : updated

I wrote a post about my favourite wordpress plug-ins recently and one of the cooler plug-ins I mention was the ‘Tweet Old Posts’ plug-in – a plug-in that will help you to promote your blog posts by randomly choosing posts and tweeting about them to your followers.  Sadly at the time there was an issue with the latest wordpress builds and the plug-in wasn’t working.

Now I’m happy to report thatTweet Old Posts plug in has now been updated to work with wordpress 3.2.1. I’ve now got it up and running, twittering about my blog even when Im not online. Pretty cool huh?

You can either download it directly from the repository and then upload the zip file via your plug-in dashboard or you can simply search for it from within the same dashboard.

Once installed you should see a new ‘tweet old post’ sub menu on the left hand side of your dashboard. This is where you can adjust the various settings and activate the plug-in so that it can get to work tweeting about all of your amazing older posts that some of your newer followers may have missed.

It also gives you the option of using various url shorteners as well as how to format the tweet, how often to tweet and also letting you choose which post categories you don’t want to have tweeted about again.

If you need any help setting it up just leave me a comment – I’d direct you to the authors website (, but sadly it appears that his server has been hacked (don’t worry it doesn’t effect the plug-in).


Violet xx




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