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Once I’d seen the cool Avatar Alien Fleshlight I just HAD to hFleshlight Alien Avatar masturbator with matching Avatar Alien dildoave one… the fact I am sans penis really didn’t factor into the equation. Want is Want and I was over the moon when I finally got one… but now Fleshlight have released an etire new line of freaky out of this world sex toys that cater to both sexes – that’s right, Fantasy Fleshlights with matching freaky Dildos, perfect for the couple who has everything.

My much loved Avatar Fleshlight now has a sexy, blue Alien dildo to create the perfect Naiivian pair. Not just boys want to have sex with big blue Aliens you know. It’s quite a realistic dildo, something I’m not a big fan of, but being bright Alien Avatar blue takes it far enough out of this world for me to scream WANT!!

You can get this Alien sex toy duo as a set or you can purchase the dildo and fleshlight seperately from the Fleshlight.com store

I know that lots of people visit my site looking for Alien sex toys, but honestly, Aliens are only the beginning of the Fleshlight Freaks line of sex toys.

Introducing The Fleshlight Freaks

Fleshlight Freaks

Ever wanted to fuck a mindless zombie, or cop a feel of a cyborg? Well ok, so flesh falling of mindless corpses, and artificial intelligence aren’t the sexiest things I can think of in the world, but damn these are some funky cool sex toys.

Released just in time for the halloween crowd the Fleshlight freaks line consists of 10 freakishly themed sex toys – 5 fleshlights each with their own similarly themed dildos crafted from platinum cured silicone. There is the already mentioned Avatar inspired Alien pair along with 4 more freaky Fantasy duos, Frankenstein, Zombie, Cyborg and my personal favourite the Vamp.

I haven’t been lucky enough to see any of the new freaky sex toys in the flesh so I really can’t comment on them, but I can share these pretty damn cool images of the fleshlight freaks line.

Frankenstein fleshlight and frankenstein dildo fleshlight freaks

Fleshlight freaks zombie sex toys zombie dildo and fleshlight

fleshlight freaks cyborg


Vampire sex toys fleshlight drac and vampire dildo

I can’t help but wonder how much cooler the Vampire inspired Drac fleshlight would be if it too were blood red.

Currently you can save 15% off any purchase from the Fleshlight.com store as well as get free shipping1

I’m off to dream sweet dreams about blood red Vampire inspired cocks.

Violet xx

  1. conditions apply on free shipping []


  1. says

    I just looked at the product page for the drac dildo and it list the dildos as “for external use only”

    I also saw on twitter someone asked to review these (cannot remember who sorry) and they were told no because they might be injured by the textures. I believe ephiphora mentioned it on their behalf…

    Is a pity because I’d love to see a review of these!

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