G-Spot Lollipop Double Pop – Sex Toy Review

It’s Simply Squirt-a-licious

I have so  any positive comments to make about this toy it’s difficult to decide just where to start…

The G-Spot Lollipop is a very promising new sex toy that has only recently become a shining light on the sex toy radar, but after experiencing it first hand I’m certain it will start popping up in sex toy stores around the globe. It is as spectacular as it is simple, it is THE most effective toy I have come across for G-Spot stimulation and it is like a magic wand for conjuring up squirting orgasms.  I dare say it could give both the nJoy Pure Wand & Eleven a run for their money at a fraction of their cost. Hopefully that goes to show you just how effective this delightfully straight-forward sex toy is! I’m completely in love

The Important Info:

Manufacturer: G-Spot LollipopG- Spot lollipop  double pop

Materials: The spherical pop is crafted from hypo-allergenic, body safe Acrylic, the stem is crafted from surgical steel and it is built to last a lifetime

Colors: I have the sexy Purple pop but the other color options include creamy orange and orange crush, wild apple, dark chocolate and pink passion.

Sizes: The overall length of the toy is right on 11″. There are 3 different size combinations available for   pop toy. The smallest double pop has lollipop balls that are 1″ and 1.75″ wide, The medium  (which I have) size pop 1.75″ and 2″ wide and the largest size has 2″ and 2.5″  wide lollipop balls. When it comes to girth the Medium size’s orbs are 5.5″ and 6.25″ in circumference, a girth quite similar to the nJoy Eleven

Variations: I have the double pop but there is also a J pop which Bean Fiddler recently reviewed, a travel sized pop and a single pop, with even more designs in the works.

Lube compatibility: I choose to stick to water based lubes as that way I don’t need to worry if I add another toy to the Lollipop is compatible with all types of lube. It’s one of those well rounded toys that gets along with everyone at play time!!

Care Instructions:  Lately I’ve been using toy wipes as they allow me to be lazy and just roll over and fall asleep after orgasm. However a simple soap and water style wash will do, or a diluted bleach solution if you wish to sterilize after anal use or for sharing. As I’ve already mentioned this is a well behaved and quite chilled out toy that just goes with the flow and is super easy to care for. I would be wary of boiling it though – I’m not sure that the acrylic wouldn’t melt if it sat against the bottom of the pot.

Price: The Double Pop currently retails for around $69.95 and is available direct or from one of the coolest online sex toy stores – SheVibe.com

My Review

the gspot lollipop wrapped up like a sweet but very adult treatThe G-Spot Lollipop is the perfect toy for coaxing a shy or nervous G-Spot out of hiding and has quickly become my go to toy for internal stimulation.

Its simple, unadorned design is modern and fun. It doesn’t need any bells or whistles to create and cause such exceptional pleasure. It is straight forward and uncomplicated; It doesn’t vibrate, have controls or need an instruction manual to tell you how to use it. Nor does it have a long list of features and functions, rather it does just one thing and does it damn well!

The G-Spot Lollipop comes packaged just like a traditional lollipop. The largest end of my Double Pop was wrapped up in a piece of clear plastic and tied, together with a tag by a pretty matching ribbon. I like the minimal fuss and the fact that there is nothing unnecessary making it much friendlier to the environment. Then again, an un-pretencious toy such as this doesn’t require anything more than this minimal packaging to make it fly off the shelves.

For those that do enjoy some vibrations with their penetration the G-Spot Lollipop loves to play with others. Holding a vibrating bullet, pocket rocket or a any other kind of vibrator against the metal stick sends the vibrations straight through to the head of the pop. I’ve also found that it is amazing when paired with my we vibe, which in some ways turns this pop into the ultimate rabbit vibrator, providing intense G-Spot massage and vibration with simultaneous clitoral stimulation. Trust me it’s a combination made in heaven.

Great For Stubborn G-Spots

The G-Spot Lollipop works like a metal detector for G-Spots that like to hide.

My smoke out campaign for stubborn G-Spots involves inserting the pop until it nestles just under the lower side of the cervix against the front wall of the vagina. Then whilst holding the handle end of the pop gradually angle it downwards so as to apply a little extra pressure to the front wall. Then very, very slowly start to withdraw it whilst maintaining the pressure. At some point you should find a spot where it feels extra good. It might take a few tries but when you find a spot that feels good stop pulling out and just rub the head of the pop against that spot.

Using mini strokes of no more than half an inch or so it is then quite easy to get that G-Spot to stand to attention. If you miss it on the first pass continue slowly scanning that front (anterior) wall whilst staying very relaxed. The more relaxed you are, the more likely you are going to be able to feel the distinction between mildly pleasurable spots and the ‘oh wow’ ones. If you think you’ve found it, but aren’t quite sure, do the mini thrusts whilst applying more and more pressure. It might take some time, but the G-Spot will eventually become engorged and difficult to miss.

G-Spot Lollipop and Squirting

The technique I use for having squirting orgasms is quite similar actually. Gradually applying pressure and slowly stimulating to get the urethral sponge engorged and all juiced up before giving it a right old pounding. With the pop it is very easy to locate the right spot as it sits right in behind your pubic bone below your cervix. It only takes a few quick thrusts with the end of the pop running over my pelvic bone for my pussy to turn into a geyser.

The first time I played with my G-Spot Lollipop it was a little like I was pumping water, these small but brisk little thrusts were making my vagina turn into a water fountain. Thank god for my Liberator Throe. The puddle was over a foot wide. That’s one orgasm I won’t be forgetting in a hurry.

Compared to the ElevennJoy Eleven compared to the gspot lollipop

In all honesty it is the best sex toy I own for squirting. It  out does the Pure wand  and is comparable to the Eleven – Gasp. I know that sounds blasphemous, but this baby is far easier to wield and thrust with than the far heavier pure wand and it manages to apply quite a bit more pressure too. The shaft isn’t angled or curved, but I’ve found that it really doesn’t have to be. The double pop is also  the same length as the Eleven and the larger end of my double pop is the same size as the girthy end of the Eleven as you can see in the photos of them side by side.

comparing the size of the 2" wide pop and the ElevenIf size scares you don’t forget this is the medium sized pop and smaller sizes are available. Similarly size queens might be happy to hear that the 2″ wide bulb of my pop is dwarfed by the 2.5″ wide bulb of their largest size.

The lighter weight also makes it an easier weapon to wield and manipulate, as well as add vibrations too. I can’t say I’ll be ditching my nJoy toys EVER, but I’ve began to grab my pop instead quite a lot of the time when I just want a quick fix. If you’re not quite ready to drop a big chucnk of change for these full metal toys the G-Spot lollipop is a far cheaper for a toy that creates relatively similar results.

But wait there’s more…

I know I must sound like a cheezy infomercial, but I promise you my enthusiasm is real. I have to tell you about the double pleasure phenomenon which I’ve dubbed the “Vortex Effect” which is created by the spherical shape of the pops.

On the inward stroke with the pop the pleasure of penetration is experienced as one would expect, but  the outward stroke that holds a secret, secondary moment of pleasure.As with any dildo or wand you feel all the same great sensations of being penetrated and the walls of the vagina being stimulated. With a normal wand or dildo though the walls of the vagina are held apart by the toy whilst in use, but the pop allows the walls to close in again behind it.

Then as you begin the outward stroke it creates somewhat of a vortex, the walls of your pussy strongly gripping the pop,  not wanting to let it go. This creates a second sensation, quite similar to penetration, yet different and in some ways even more enjoyable. An enigmatic sensation that is difficult to describe – I think you need to experience it in order to understand it. But basically my pussy didn’t want to let go, it didn’t want to stop playing, somewhat like a little like a kid with a real lollipop!!


There are of course many other ways in which you could use this toy, or any of the others in the G-Spot Lollipop range. They are safe for anal use, both shape wise and material wise as the pops can be easily sterilised. The smaller pops can be used during penetrative sex and also make for really great Kegel exercisers.

I cannot think of a single reason as to why this toy doesn’t deserve 5 full stars and a place in my top 5 favourite sex toys. In fact it makes me wish I could give it more than 5 stars. I just love it. As yet it hasn’t fully replaced the Eleven as my favourite dildo for penetration, but it has become my go to toy for squirting! I have some concerns that my eyes are bigger than my vag, but I really want to try the whopping 2.5″ wide, size Queen pop.


Range of G-Spot Lollipop styles

You can grab your own G-Spot Lollipop Directly from their site where all of the different styles and colors are available for sale. You can also find them at what is possibly the coolest sex toy store on the web SheVibe.com


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    Wow that is one glowing endorsement. Someone I follow on tumblr had a vid posted of someone squirting just from using a lollipop on themselves so as soon as I saw your review in my feed I wanted to check it out as that vid was the first thing I thought of.

    Clearly this is a toy I must look into. I’ve been trying to focus on my G-Spot of late so I’m for sure interested.

    • says

      I was completely gobsmacked the first time I used it, the puddle I created looked like a mini lake.
      I forgot to mention the fact that because it isn’t causing any friction or stretching near the entry – no matter how rough you get there’s no lingering pain the next day as I often get when using other large dildos and wands.
      I’m still trying to find a negative but can’t come up with one, so I do strongly recommend it – along with a liberator throe to keep the furniture dry! 😛

  2. says

    Great review. I am so glad you love your Lollipop as much as I love mine. It is amazing how simple yet powerful of a toy it really is. It is just wonderful in so many ways.

    Thanks for the shout out!

  3. says

    I love the look of these, its so refreshing to see something so different and fun looking that actually works so well as a G-spot toy; this has to go on my wishlist.
    Thanks for the reviewX

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