There’s just so much going on in my life at the moment that I’m starting to struggle and I’m scared that that if I struggle too much I’ll get worn out and drown. Ok so my metaphors suck, but hopefully you get the picture.

But then again, when I actually think about it I am drowning in sex toys that are patiently waiting to be used and reviewed. I try to keep the box containing my queue in sight so that I can play with them and write little notes and get to work on reviews as soon as I get a little inspiration, but recently one box turned into a  big box and one gigantic box thanks to Nexus – who sent me almost their entire line!!! (and that’s not including the hundreds of toys I’ve purchased from Eden Fantasys with points and gift cards that I want to review.) I’m almost scared to count how many are in my queue, but its going to take a while to get them all done. I might just have to start giving away the ones I’ve bought and haven’t had a chance to use!!


sweet danger edited by violet blue from cleis pressOh wait – theres also some incredibly sexy erotica Cleis Press sent me. I’m currently devouring Sweet Danger with abandon and am loving exploring some fantasys I’d never considered as well as some I’d felt were to taboo to think of let alone contemplate! It’s very dirty indeed!



Everything redThen there’s the big blog feature I’ve been wanting to do for next month, but haven’t had much time to recruit bloggers for. So just a quick shout out to my readers, whether you are bloggers or not. If you are game enough to write something about ‘Feminine Hygiene’ I want to hear from you. Whether it’s about having your period, putting up with a bitchy partner with PMS, to the ridiculous ads for tampons, or just about any other angle you can come up with that’s related to that time of the month.

It is a subject that every woman1 has dealt with, but rarely do we discuss. Even as sex bloggers who regularly discuss our vagina’s we don’t necessarily discuss what they naturally do, rather we stick to what we do to them. I’ve got some giveaways organised, as well as some reviews to post of different products, and some groovy graphics but now I’m just looking for people who might be interested in participating, I’m also happy to publish things on my blog if you don’t have one, or don’t feel comfortable posting to your blog. You can comment here or email me at violet@screaming-violet.com

There’s also my 100 words of smut posts that have fallen by the wayside (no real surprise there) but I want to be committed to it. I want to be committed to being a better writer and trying to write everyday. I really enjoyed writing the pieces I posted and have a couple close to ready to post, but just haven’t gotten there as yet.

Away from my blog I am also still drowning. I’ve got less than a week left before the hearing about my ridiculously huge govt debt and still a million things to get done.  I have a thousand phone calls to make, a hundred things to organise and to be honest I feel completely let down by my “real life” friends as barely any of them have stepped up to help me out with character references etc. It actually really hurts as it’s the kind of thing I’m always happy to help out with.

Hmm what else… Oh that’s right, Cosmo has come calling again. Believe it or not, they want me to write something for one of their upcoming issues and it will be a paid gig! I don’t know whether to freak out or faint. I’m just guessing she hasn’t read my blog and seen my writing. Like my last cosmo contribution tis one will be amongst great company as some of my favourite local sex bloggers will also be included… but you’ll have to wait to find out who!!

Its got to be a sexy, saucy sex confession. You know the kind of thing you like to read whilst sitting on the beach during summer. I just have to be careful which sexual sin I care to confess as I don’t want to go getting into too much trouble, or go hurting people I know and love. I also want to be able to share it with those I’m close to and you guys as well so I’ll have to do some thinking. Maybe a bit of reading of some of the great titles Cleis Press have just sent me to review for a little literary inspiration.

Other than that there’s been the numerous hospital stays, erupting ovarian cysts and a very scary ovarian cancer scare. A flatemate who’s being an ass, an arrest and subsequent court appearance for smashing said flatmate – with a sex toy no less (can you guess which one??). It all got thrwn out, but only after the poor constable had to turn beet red when he had to say the word dildo in court. There was a project I’d poured my heart into that dissapeared from under me which literally broke my heart…

Oh and the birth of my absolutely gourgeous niece whom I knew was coming into the world months before she was conceived – damn crystal ball never has anything like lotto numbers, or things that I need to knoow. She would be my nan’s first biological grand-daughter and the first girl of my generation after 5 boys.

Yep – it’s pretty bloody hectic round here of late!

  1. and men in a way too []


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    Hah! You need to give me your secrets to Cosmo; so jealous!

    Remind me about the feminine thingie. You could do a blog carnival; that might be a good way to go about it?

    And holy crap! Things are busy with you. You know I’m around if you ever need to chat, and things sound, well, hectic!

    • says

      I wish there was a secret – the whole cosmo thing landed in my lap out of no where – but I dare say the fact that I’m one if the very, very few sex bloggers on this massive island might have quite a bit to do with it perhaps!

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