Cosmopolitan Australia Sex Awards

And how I ended up on their pagescosmopolitan-australia-sex-award

I am not a great blogger. I’ll be the first to stand up and say that. I write sex toy reviews and a mixture of personal ramblings and info on blogging itself. At no time did I think I would ever find my name or my blog in anyway associated with the big fish in this kinky puddle such as Violet Blue and The Beautiful Kind. That was until cosmo came calling asking me to recommend a list of top erotic reads for an up-coming sealed section. I obviously dropped everything and went running to my bookshelf in order to find at least 5 great erotic reads that I could recommend to their readers. If I had known at the time that my name would be mentioned anywhere near the other highly esteemed contributors I probably would’ve frozen up and not been able to type. Thankfully I was unaware and choosing my first pick for ‘Best Erotic Fiction’ was not hard. 1

Best Erotic Fiction

phone sex by Miranda AustinPhone SexAural Thrills and Oral Skills by Miranda AustinWhilst not all of the tales she tells are technically erotica the true confessions of this phone sex operator are titillating and educational. Some of the many fantasies that she has played out over the years include being shrunk down to the size of a pixie like Alice in Wonderland and having her feet ironed by a foot fetish-est. It is hot whilst also insightful as it allows you to peek into a world of fetishes you may never have imagined yourself.

In Sleeping Beauty’s Bed: Erotic Fairy Tales by  Mitzi Szereto in sleeping beautys bed erotic fairy tales

Cinderalla’s Prince Charming has a well developed foot fetish, Red Riding Hood’s Grannie enjoys sharing her bed with the wolves and Sleeping beauty falls asleep after pricking herself on something other than a spindle. They are the classic fairy tales we all know from our childhood but each has been given its own very erotic twist, written in a way that gives the reader great adult rated pleasure.

  carrie's story - an erotic S/M novelCarrie’s Story by Molly Weatherfield Carrie’s Story is the tale of a modern day sexual slave, the story of O for the new generation. Since her formative years Carrie has had personal fantasies revolving around the power exchange experienced during sex and when she meets Jonathan he offers to teach her the intricacies of the S/M world.  Opening a door to a world she could only have imagined, turning her fantasy into a reality. It is a sexual expedition into the seemingly dark word of BDSM, a tale of the training of a true sexual submissive in the new millennium.   Of course my official List was much longer but as it always is in publishing, space is at a premium so only these first three with digested blurbs were included in the sealed section… comsopolitan Australia best erotica reads The 'digested' version of my reccommendations

Some people have expressed to me their disapproval for a word or two that was published, but I had given the editor my expressed permission to edit anything or everything, however they saw fit. So at the end of the day I really can’t complain.  I feel incredibly honored to have been asked for my opinion and very priveledged to have had been included.

The other titles that sadly didn’t make the cut included:

It’s quite un-surprising that the majority of these titles are published by the great folks at Cleis Press! As I initially mentioned I had the great honour of getting to share the pages of the Cosmo Sex awards with some rather illustrious sex bloggers so I would love to share their pages too.

Best Sexy Blogcosmopolitain-australia-sex-awards-best-sexy-blogs

As Judged by the wonderfully hilarious Emma Markezic, Comedian, writer and monthly Cosmo Columnist, the best sexy blog was deemed to be Followed by the marvellous Kendra Holliday aka The Beautiful Kind  the well known Ask Dan and Jennifer and Girl with a one track mind.

Maybe one day I’ll be good enough to be mentioned amongst them rather than just on the previous page. Click the thumbnail to view full size.

best dirty movie as judged by violet blueBest Dirty Movie

Know the mention of my blog becomes even smaller when you compare it to Violet Blue Being Judge for Best Dirty Movie – but hey I’ll take being separated by a few pages and font sizes over just both being called Violet any day.

As Judged by the much more famous Violet Best Dirty Movie went to Shortbus by Cameron Mitchell. Which she calls “A funny yet thought provoking collection of over lapping stories that cross pats as they have surprising realisations about what sex means to them”

Best Self Pleasure DeviceBest dirty movies and self pleasure devices

Now this is a section I knowsomething about! Whilst the Waterproof Rabbit Pearl Vibrator was heralded as the winner I can think of a few others I would reccommend first.  Just read my sidebar if you want to know of my top 5 picks. The other mentions go to the new We-Vibe Touch2 and the Rock’s Off Groovy chick– both toys that are of a good quality and do what they should. But the 3rd mention – The Venus Butterfly II – no, no & NO. If you want something to tickle your nether regions whilst allowing your hands to be free for other things, go grab yourself a We-Vibe2. Strap on butterflies are notoriously troublesome.

 Best Toy For Twocosmopolitan Australia best sex toys for two

Sonia Borg3 Judged Sportsheets Under the bed restraint system as the best Adult Toy for two. I can’t disagree that this set of kinky cuffs are a great play device that is incredibly ingenious in its design. Wrapping under and around the mattress their design is ingenious. Super easy to pull out when you want to tie your lover down in order to get down and dirty whilst also being super quick to clean up and pack away. Her other options however leave me bemused. For me the best sex toy for couples is the We Vibe2. I’ve said it a million times before and I will say it again. Hands down THE best way to insure and ensure that you will get the clitoral orgasm your craving whilst having traditional, penetrative sex. Although the soon to be released couple’s sex toys from LELO might just give the We Vibe a run for its money. Her other choices include a Passion kit, Sportsheets G-Spot Link sex position strap ad the Matador Vibrating cok ring. Any of my reviewing friends thinking we should all get together to create a ‘Reviewer’s Choice” awards??

Special Mentions were also made of two of my favourite sex toy companies.

Made To Pleasure – the website that I reviewed the Pearl Dildo for. They specialise in making sex toys that you have designed yourself using their funky flash like interface as well as making some great off the peg designs as well. And OhMiBod – Showing off their collaboration with Nomi Tang – the Better Than Chocolate OhMiBod edition. This toy pairs the very oddly shaped but very effective BTC clitoral vibrator with the wireless OhMiBod technology allowing you to turn your favourite bass beats into vibrating patterns that really make you hum. I have one and just love it.   This started out as just being about how I got mentioned in Cosmo and having my name printed in the same section as some of the actually famous sex bloggers and some great books to read but ended up being a bit more than that. I think because sex toys are my true passion, whilst books remain my favourite toys whilst I’m in public. At the end of the day I am thankful and proud to have been contacted and included in this years Cosmo Sex Awards – you know where to find me for next years awards guys! Violet xx If you are interested in any of these books or toys subscribe to my feed so that you don’t miss out on some great giveaways I will soon be announcing. Most of these sex toys are available in Australia from where the coupon code ‘desire‘ will get you 15% off store-wide You can also find almost every product here – books included at in the US where you can use the coupon code N25 at the checkout to get 15% off your order.

  1. nor technically fiction! []
  2. I’m running very late on that review!! []
  3. don’t ask me who she is []


  1. Bob says

    Congrats for getting your name into the Cosmopolitan magazine. I presume it is on sale at the moment, I might go pick up a copy for my records.

    Had they come to me, I have no idea what I would have recommended as books to read.

    • says

      Thanks XD It is on sale at the moment – but be quick as it was the september issue and october comes out early this week I believe.
      I managed to tear the sealed section on the first one I bought so grabbed a second to scan & keep in pristine condition

    • says

      I’m seriously considering it and will be looking for reviewers to help nominate and judge once I work out the best way to run it. So keep your eyes peeled I’ll probably start recruiting helpers soon 🙂

  2. says

    Wow. I think that is so freakin’ cool that you got that opportunity – frustrating that they changed some of your words, but still cool.

    • says

      It is amazingly cool and I feel very lucky.
      I didnt realise how much my words were changed til I was putting the post together – I’d never use the word Pervy – such a negative word. Although I must admit my writing isn’t that great and I did say that she could edit it anyway she felt she needed to.

  3. macho99 says

    Awesome! So we now have to wrestle with all the new readers for comment space. LOL

    Congrats! I now know someone who was featured in Cosmo! Yay! 🙂

  4. says

    First, congrats. Second, it’s interesting how your words were changed. Funny how that works when you can see the before and after. Third, you sure have a long definition of BDSM. 😉

    Have you seen new visitors because of this?

    • says

      Thanks Adriana. I guess the reason for such a long definition to BDSM is because it really does encompass so much more than S&M.
      As far as my stats go, this path month has been my biggest month ever in regards to visitors and pageviews as well. Lots of new readers finding me is fabulous!

  5. CLP says

    Congrats!! That must be so exciting to see yourself in print!
    Thanks for the book list, too. I haven’t seen Phone Sex before, and it looks like it is straight up my alley. 🙂

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