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As sex bloggers and toy reviewers most of the women within my little corner of the web regularly discuss things that are considered to be somewhat taboo – G- Spots, P – Spots, squirting orgasms, anal sex and even santorum! One of the reasons I love the community that I blog and review within is because of how open, honest and unabashed it is.

However there’s one subject we don’t talk about much and that’s periods. For some reason all things sexual are up for discussion these days but menstruation is still stuck in that big closet marked taboo. For some reason although every woman experiences it it remains a subject we barely discuss, let alone discuss in detail. When I think of all the other things I read and write about it seems about time we haul periods out of that closet and discuss them openly like adults without shame or embarassment.

This realisation led me on a journey about the internet where I learned some pretty amazing as well as truly weird stuff, some of which I really want to share. I also found some people that are discussing the topic in a multitude of different ways that I’d like to share and support.

Did you know that the average woman looses 16 litres of blood during their periods? That’s like having your body drained 3 times over. Or that there were more options than just tampons and pads? Or that in some parts of the world girls are missing out on getting a complete education because of their period? After 20 years of periods I thought I knew everything there was to know about them – I couldn’t have been more wrong.

So I decided to put together a bunch of posts that in one way or another are linked to the topic of menstruation, some funny, some educational and some are even sad. I’ll be publishing them all over the next month which I have dubbed – “Red October

I’ve gotten in touch with a number of fabulous companies and have secured some fantastic sponsors who have sent me numerous products to review and share with you along with discount coupons for products and several really great prizes that will be up for grabs throughout this month that I’m going to celebrate all things red.

For it to be a true discussion though it  needs to involve more than just me rambling on so I’m extending an invite to everyone and anyone who may be interested in talking about periods, whether you write something on your own blog or send it to me to post here.

You can write about whatever you want as long as it somehow links back to the subject, be it the story of your first period, some ancient secret ritual you know of to prevent pms, your opinion or experience of sex whilst having your period, or even a product review. It can also take whatever form you wish, go and get your creative hat on. Any type of media is fine as long as it can be shared over the net. Also it isn’t restricted to just us girls – I really want some guys to find the courage and discuss the subject as well.

I’ve created my own funky little graphics that you can use to link back to the main post that will go Live at the start of the month and their will be a linky thing so that you can add your posts to it and share the link juice love. I’ve even got an extra special basket of goodies that will get given away to one of the contributors.

So if you are game and think you are up for the challenge let me know you can email me or just comment here. Posts will kick off early next week, but will continue throughout the whole month.


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Violet xx


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    I’m really looking forward to reading posts about this theme! I’m still on the fence about whether I want to contribute, but I’ll email you if I decide to do so.

    P.S. I’m amused that the term “Santorum” has made it all the way over to Australia. Rick Santorum used to be my state’s Senator, and it’s funny that to see him mocked across the world (obviously I never voted for the jerk).

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