Pico Bong has Landed

LELO’s new Funky Line of sex toys

I love just about everything LELO so I was pretty excited when  I first learned that the team behind LELO were creating a new brand – Pico Bong! And despite what some might think the name has nothing to do with pot and it has no real meaning according to the brand manager. .

Pico Bong has just been launched this month with a line of 6 sex toys that come in really fun colors, including a sexy shade of Violet and Turquoise! The designs are young and adventurous and very in keeping with the brand’s 20-30 something demographic. A style that is echoed in the Pico Bong website.

The 6 sex toys from Pic Bong range cover most of the basic types of vibrators we all know and love. Each piece also has a made up, wack-a-doodle name that fits in with the crazy, slightly zany brand name: Mohana, Honi, Kiki, Ipo, Koa and Tano

“PicoBong is a brand that’s here to stay. We’re a young team who knows what our customers want and we’re constantly thinking of how to engage with them in ways that nobody else in the industry has tried yet,” Daniel Mark Carr, PicoBong Brand Manager.

The Pico Bong brand is all about sex toys that are youthful, fun and easy to use, whilst remaining affordable and delivering the quality we have grow to expect from its sibling brand.

Personally from what I have already seen of the line they look as though they could become the go to brand for those taking their first steps into the world of sex toys as they are very affordable whilst also having the premium quality we have come to expect from LELO.

The Pico Bong Line Up

pico bong sex toys

MAHANA Duo Vibe – quite similar in shape to my favourite couple’s sex toy the we vibe, the Mohana isn’t designed for couple’s use, rather its like a C shaped rabbit. It’s by far the toy I’m most drawn to from the starting line up and I can’t wait to get my hands – and other parts of mt anatomy on it.

HONI Mini Vibe – A cute little elongated egg slash bullet with a look very similar to the new LELO Insignia Lyla. It could easily be worn inside the vagina, just like an egg as it has a string for retreival, but Im sure it would also function well as a bullet.

KIKI C Vibe – at first I was what the F is a C-Spot. I know the G-Spot the P-Spot and even the A-spot, but C-Spot initially stumped me until I figured they meant the clit. Kiki Looks like a bullet style clit vibe with a fone tuned tapered head designed to provide more intense ibes over a larger area.

IPO Finger Vibe – Not 100% sure why one would want a vibrator to attatch to their finger when they could just use a bullet, but I guess an experienced partner could use it to add the vroom to their digital stimulation, whether it be on a partner or themselves.

KOA Ring Vibe – Pretty sure its meant to be worn by the guy as a cock ring type of thing with the curled end wrapping around the shaft and the body of the toy resting upagainst his pubic bone, aimed towards the sky, which would allow a female partner tp grind against it – but thats just my thoughts. It reminds me of the new LELO Insignia Oden in its shape and purpose, but similarities should be expected in sibling brands – let’s just hope theirs no inbreeding going on!

TANO Plug Vibe – The wind surfing butt plug! What more could you want from an anal sex toy than the ability to go wind sirfing huh??

The entire range are made out of 100% body safe silicone and ABS plastic that’s free of Phthalates, latex and all the other nasties one wants to avoid. They are powered by AA batteries and claim to be able to run for 2hours on just one, which is pretty efficient. All 6 are waterproof – Which is pretty important for sex toys that like to go wind surfing and diving! They are also govered by a full year

I know I get easily excited over new sex toys but I think Pico Bong has a lot to offer. Where LELO has become synonomous with luxury I think Pico Bong will become known for fun and funky designs, quality without all the expensive extras that not everyone needs.

But the coolest part about the Launch of Pico Bong is GULP!

Win a brand new sex toy from the Pico Bong line up.

So GULP! is like pacman – except its for sex toys. It’s a pretty fun, highly addictive flash game where you chomp your way around the screen as the Mahana duo vibe eating up little white pellets as well as the other 5 toys from the line. Each time you collect the full 5 without running into a dark chomping monster you start a new level. It’s pretty darn easy to pick up!

play gulp to win pico bong sex toys

It really does pay to play as each week for the following 6 weeks Pico Bong are giving away a different toy each week to the person with that weeks highest scroe on Gulp! I’d tell you my highest score, but then again I really don’t want anyone beating me 😛

The Prizes for each week are:

September 19-25: HONI Mini Vibe
September 26-October 2: KOA Ring Vibe
October 3-9: MAHANA Duo Vibe
October 10-16: TANO Plug Vibe
October 17-23: IPO Finger Vibe
October 24-30: KIKI C Vibe

At the moment the toys are still on their way to the stores – possibly they stopped off in Hawaii for a beach break! But they will soon be available to purchase directly from the Pico Bong site, after which I’ll hopefully get my hands on one to review for y’all. To stay up to date on all things PicoBong you can follow them on twitter and find them on facebook too.

Til then I’m off to kick some ass in GULP!

Violet xx


EDIT: the entire Pico Bong range have now made ot to the stores and the entire range are now available from Eden Fantasys, click on the toy you are interested in below and it will take you to their product page at EdenFantasys.com

Vibrating cock ring with powerful and near-silent motor, 12 vibe patterns and multiple speeds and 2 hours of play from a single AAA battery, made with body-safe silicone.The mini toy with mega vibrations with powerful and near-silent motor and 12 vibe patterns and multiple speeds, made with body-safe, FDA approved silicone.Specially-designed pleasure plug with powerful and near-silent motor, 12 vibe patterns and multiple speeds, made with body-safe, FDA approved silicone.Ipo is a cute little finger vibe with powerful and near-silent motor and 12 vibe patterns and multiple speeds made with body-safe, FDA approved silicone.Double ended vibrator Mahana features two vibrating pleasure points, powerful and near-silent motor, 12 vibe patterns and multiple speeds.Silicone discreet massager with powerful and near-silent motor, 12 vibe patterns and multiple speeds, fine-tuned for direct C-spot focus.


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