More toys in LELO’s Insignia Line

Soroya’s little sisters

It’s quite well known that my favourite sex toy is the LELO Insignia Soraya – the vibrator that is always within my arms reach., but I’m wondering if maybe one of the new additions to LELOs Insignia line might be able to dethrone Soraya as the Queen of my toy box.

Let me Introduce you to the newest members of the Insignia family who will be officially launched on September 15th.


LELO's new sense motion additions to the Insignia line

Some of the similarities between these three and the existing line are visually apparent. The same svelt colors of velvet soft silicone with shiny golden accents. They will be available in Black, Cerise and Deep Rose – sadly the turquoise shade of the Insignia Isla is not being repeated.1

The new toys are all remote controlled (that’s the pretty gold badge looking thing). Specially designed to be a “couples” sex toy each of the new additions can be controlled by a partner using their new sensemotion™ technology.

Taking inspiration from the latest smart devices LELO’s new SenseMotion™ technology allows the toys to be contlelo insignia odenrolled by certain gestures made whilst holding the remote. It is somewhat ike a XXX version of a Nintendo Wii. But the similarities with gaming systems don’t end there. Just like the dual shock controllers used with the PS3, the remote will imitate the sensations created by the toy to create a full sensory link between the toys wearer and their controlling partner.

I canLELO Insignia TALIA hardly wait to get my hands on one of these, the Clit Hugging TIANI in particular. Correct me if I’m wrong but there is no other remote controlled “clit hugging” sex toy on the market. It has some visual similarities to the silhouette of the we vibe , but that is where the similarities end. I’m lucky enough to have one on its way to me right now, so watch this space to see how it performs.


3 brand new toys are enough to keep any sex toy company busy, but that’s not all LELO have even more in store for us.

Introducing Picobong

This September LELO will also be launching another brand new line of sex toys called rather oddly “PICOBONG” – maybe bong means something different in sweeish!LELO's upcoming picobong line

The new, fully funkified line looks to include 6 exciting new shapes. All of which appear to be available in that sexy turquoise color. The Picobong line is aimed at the younger end of the market, with a targeted demographic of 18-30. Visit their website at to find out more about these toys once they are released.

It’s going to be a good September.

Violet xx

  1. Oh how I wish we saw more Aquamarine/turquoise in sex toys []


  1. CLP says

    Whoa, these are awesome!! Thanks for the heads up, I havent seen any of these before.
    So, if that little guy is a clit-hugger, it must be pretty small? Its hard to get a sense of size. They are gorgeous, of course, and look like rare little candies. Too bad about discontinuing teal, though. That was my favorite color. I should scoop up the ones I can while they are available…

    Picobong…is that a plug I spy?! I. CANNOT. WAIT!

    • says

      Im thinking that the Talia (clit hugging one) will probably be similar in size to a bullet or a we vibe (although it doesn’t have the internal vibes like the we vibe) and possibly be able to be worn during penetrative sex. I should have one by the time they are on sale so will hsare the inside scoop once I have it.

      Picobong looks awesome. To me it looks like a plug, a bullet, a finger vibe that looks like a zepplin, another bullet purse sized vibe, an egg/kegel style toy and the last one looks a bit like the talia so maybe it is a clit hugger too. Can’t wait to see more of those I just LOVE the colors

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