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    Kendra Holliday
    25th February 2011

    I’ve been so curious about this gorgeous looking toy! Love the metal accents! I wonder why purple is such a popular toy color. I’d love for more turquoise, burgundy, burnt orange… Thanks for the thorough review.

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      Screaming Violet
      3rd March 2011

      I think the sex toy manufacturers – LELO especially are starting to pay attention to our cries for more colors. Turquoise is the #1 color I’d like to see, the shade of LELO’s Isla is to die for, but burgundy would also be lovely. Anything that’s a little out of the ordinary is always going to catch my eye! thanks for your comments xo

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    28th February 2011

    I remember the first vibrator that I ever bought some thirty years ago and it was nothing more than a hard long dildo looking battery powered monstrosity, but even so it worked. It’s amazing how far they have come ivory the years. Talk about technological breakthrough in the sex toy industry 😉

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      Screaming Violet
      3rd March 2011

      I can imagine what vibrators were like back then. Thankfully things have come along way since then and LELO’s Insignia line has a toy to suit every womans sex toy preference

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    3rd March 2011

    Will confirm the Soraya is fast becoming our best selling LELO product at KinkyMinx. Awesome review!

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      Screaming Violet
      3rd March 2011

      I’m not surprised that it’s your best selling LELO sex toy – I wouldn’t even be surprised if it was THE best selling sex toy full stop! That’s how amazing it is. I’ll always recommend bypassing far cheaper, inferior sex toys for a more expensive, high quality sex toy – you’ll certainly save money in the long term. Better to buy one amazing toy rather than 5 not so great or even crappy ones :)

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    7th March 2011

    Oh, that sounds like too much fun to review! Lucky, lucky you :)

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    Addora Live @ vibrators
    24th August 2011

    Wow, this is so sleek and modern. I must have one of these. I’m excited to have this in my collection.

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    25th September 2011

    What will they think of next?

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    13th October 2011

    I am kinda suspicious to this futuristic shape, as you said the rabbit was a sure thing :) I liked your review though. I will try it.

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    15th October 2011

    I have this toy and I LOVE it! I have previously had a hard time attaining orgasm from any toy. Then along came LELO and the incredible Soraya… I can happily say that my orgasm problems are far behind me. :)

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    Escort New Jersey
    17th October 2011

    From what I’ve read in the review and the comments this is an awesome toy. I just have to git it a try!

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    6th November 2011

    I have had my eye on the Soraya since it came out, thanks for the extremely informative review! I will definitely be saving up for this one! I am a new sex blogger please check out my blog: http://www.apennyforyourdirtythoughts.blogspot.com and let me know what you think! Thanks a bunch!

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    16th November 2011

    Great toy , is one of my favourite one!

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    escort little rock
    16th November 2011

    This is one of those Sci-Fi looking toys. :) I really have a thing for these. Maybe it goes after my geeky nature. :) I love your review!

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      Screaming Violet
      14th January 2012

      thanks – glad you liked the review – it’s an awesome sex toy

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    Our Naughty Secrets
    24th November 2011

    This is a great sex toy and every store should stock the Lelo line. Although slightly higher price than the average sex toy its well worth it. Great review!

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    12th December 2011

    I want to get one of these for my gf. I wonder if they sell them in the UK. Thanks for the review. It has helped me finally decide what to get her for Christmas.

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    30th December 2011

    The metal is absolutely gorgeous-looking, but I’m not sure there are other advantages, and the disadvantage is it’s a little harder to clean. I wonder why they didn’t just do a soft silicone for the whole body instead of using the metal–do you think that would be an improvement? Still, I want to try this out…

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      Screaming Violet
      14th January 2012

      It’s actually just metallic plastic rather than metal. I personally like the accent and wish it were real metal as it would give the toy more balance as it is quite bottom heavy

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    14th February 2012

    I have to admit, you may have me sold on this. I haven’t gotten around to trying the Insignia line yet but the Soraya probably wouldn’t have been my first choice. But you make you make it seem so versatile with none of that it-just-doesn’t-fit-me business that it’s quickly making its way to the top of my ‘must-haves’ list. Thanks! XO Tori

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      Screaming Violet
      17th February 2012

      After a year and a plethora of vibrators of every kind – from bullets to rabbits and even powerful Hitachi wands – Soraya is still my #1 go to vibrator. I LOVE it to death!!

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    13th April 2012

    Thanks for the info on the new Lelo toy – I will have to give it a try! I’m so happy sex toys are moving away from the traditional rabbits (I too owned one of those first and used it the most out of my toy box). I find myself in love with anything by Fun Factory – but it looks like Lelo will be of the same high quality. Thanks again!

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    20th April 2012

    i just missed out- someone was selling a soraya for $120 canadian because he bought it for his girlfriend and she wouldn’t even try it. that was the total price- shipped and everything. i said yes he was going o send it to me and i decided i couldn’t afford it. now i’m looking at several seriously cheap toys that don’t do a thing for me and kicking myself at what they add up to. plus I hear my own voice at the sex shop i occasionally get to work at : “Spend the money on something thats actually going to work instead of going cheap and having to come back (without cumming) over and over” ahhhh I can’t even do they old “oh well i probably missed the bus cause it would of crashed if I was on it” can’t think of anything .NOW I WANT IT!!!!

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    29th April 2012

    I bought the Soraya for my wife as sort of a Valentine’s gift, primarily based on your review, and that it didn’t require batteries like her existing rabbits.

    The first few times took a little while to get into the rhythm but eventually became great. She loves it and it’s easy for me to use on her.

    The main reason I’m posting is because we tried it upside down so it wasn’t inserted and only gave her clitoral stimulation, she ended up gushing for the first time which surprised both of us. I think it’s great but she was a little embarrassed, however she’s slowly relaxing to it each time now.

    Big thumbs up to the Soraya :)

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      Screaming Violet
      4th June 2013

      I am overjoyed to hear you guys like it – I wish more of my readers would speak up as I love each & everyone of you & want to help you to find the best toys to suit your pleasure preferences :)

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    20th August 2012

    I’m looking at the Lelo range and torn between the Tiani 2 (Is the sensor motion remote thing better on the newer one?) or the Soraya to exchange for a faulty Neno rabbit that the mrs. lked until one of the buellets stopped working. I like thethought f having intercorse whilst wearing the Tiani 2 but not sure how comfortable that would be?

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    17th February 2013

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    massage amsterdam
    26th February 2013

    I must have one of these to add to my collection. great review. x samantha

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    1st July 2013

    this is an absolutely amazing toy.

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    11th October 2013

    A great toy to have – every lady should own one! thank god for human sex ingenuity lol :).

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    30th October 2013

    Well damn that’s pretty amazing

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    22nd November 2013

    Whatever the product, the brand is well above the others (except perhaps the fairy) …. This class is pretty, sober and … especially effective. At home with my girlfriend we have in our possesion ina and gigi!

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    26th January 2014

    The bulky magic wand is put away and Soraya is her new boyfriend.
    Great peace of gear.
    5 star and has her off in no time at all.
    Loves it.

    Apple and Lb

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    26th January 2014

    Lovely toy it has given me so much pleasure.

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