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Soraya Queen of Luxury Vibrators

Say No to awful jelly rabbit vibrators - ughh!My first ever vibrator was a rabbit vibe, it came to me offering to satisfy my craving for being penetrated whilst simultaneously driving my clit wild until I reached Orgasm. Time and time and time again. I loved that Vibrator, but I loved it’s dolphin like clit tickler most. It had its own little motor embedded inside of the clear jelly (uggh!) skin and could be bent in any direction, allowing me to grind against it as hard as I pleased… up until the flimsy wire attached to it’s motor came loose and the clit tickler died. I taught myself to solder electrical connections and repaired that vibrator more times than I could count. Eventually, like most jelly toys it melted into a disgusting mess and got sent off to sex toy heaven.

These days there are quite a few toys in my toy box, my most beloved We Vibe2, My super sized, super powered bullet vibe and it’s sister Dahlia as well as the high quality, luxury Zini ROAE – plenty of toys that I can use to hit my G-Spot and buzz my clit ’til I’m ready to pop, but I’ve been dissapointed not to have found myself another toy as effective or as alluring as that first vibrator. Well up until now that is!

For quite a while sex toy companies have been trying to re-invent the rabbit vibe, attempting to bring it into the 21st century but until now their experiments haven’t been all that successful. Even LELO themselves have fallen a little short in their efforts too, Soraya’s predecessor the Ina has had mixed reviews. Most of them critical of the clit tickling arm saying that it applies too much pressure and doesn’t tend to fit all anatomies. The same issue many have reported with similar next generation dual stimulation vibrators like the Zini Roae and the Fun Factory Delight, they just don’t seem to fit women in the universal way that rabbit vibrators do.

Other rabbit like dual stimulator vibrators

Many have tried to re-invent the rabbit, but none have been universal winners… ’til now


I’d like to introduce you to the new love of my life …

The LELO Soraya

With the introduction of the Soraya LELO have come through, successfully taking the dual stimulating vibrator into the 21st century. Taking the shape of the Ina and the flexibility of a traditional rabbit’s tickler combining them with the signature look of their Insignia range to create the first truly monumental sex toy. In my opinion the Soraya is the first successful 2nd Generation rabbit, ensuring LELO a place in the history of sex toy design alongside other products like the Hitachi wand, the We Vibe and of course the infamous Rabbit vibrator. I’m quite sure that in the future we will see more toys trying to emulate the Soraya, but I doubt any other company could create anything close to this Masterpiece of design and sexual pleasure.

lelo soraya vibrator comes with its charger, an insignia broach, satin drawstring pouch, instruction booklet and its 1 year warranty & ten year guarantee

Important InformationThe Lelo Soraya Size - Front View - click for a larger image

Manufacturer: LELO

Materials: Silicone and metallic ABS Plastic

Power: Rechargeable giving you 4hrs of use per charge

Size: 9″ long with a maximum girth of 4″on the shaft. The clitoral arm is 2.5″ long and is situated 5″ below the tip of the shaft.Side view and size of the soraya - click for bigger image

Colors: Deep Rose (above), Black and Cerise (the hot pink one in my photos)

Vibration Levels & Patterns: There are 8 different patterns all of which have 10 different levels of intensity.

Controls: 3 intuitively places, easy to use buttons that control the level of intensity as well as switching the toy on and off, with the middle button cycling through the vibration patterns. Has a travel lock feature

Lube Compatibility: Water Based Lube recommended.

Price: $239au

Other Info: The LELO Soraya in cerise - Lowest Price in Australia

  • 100% waterproof
  • Dual motors situated within the shaft and clit tickling tip
  • Covered by a 1year warranty & a 10year guarantee
  • Beautiful packaging suitable for storage
  • Black/White reversible satin storage pouch
  • Insignia logo broach

This toy arrives fully charged and ready to use and looks just like it does in the photos. However many people have said that they were surprised that the golden center of the Insignia line of toys is a “metallic plastic” rather than actual metal. I knew to expect this and initially thought that it felt far too light when I picked it up, however after using it though I think the extra weight would’ve negatively impacted the experience.

The LELO Insignia line of sex toys, L-R: Isla, Soraya and Alia

Isla, Soraya & Alia

The Soraya as well as the other two toys in LELOs Insignia Line – the Isla G-Spot vibrator and the Alia clitoral vibrator are made of this metallic plastic which forms a circular hole through the toys that makes for a very ergonomic handle. The core of the toy is then covered in a silicone skin leaving the plastic visible on the sides. These sides are flattened, leaving it with a slightly odd silhouette, rather than the rounded shaft one might expect (you can see it in the front view in the image above). During use it isn’t really noticeable, well not as far as your vagina is concerned, your hands may however disagree.

The transition between the Plastic and silicone is the one facet of this toy that I dislike.The hole at the bottom of the toy is perfect for putting your thumb through to grasp the toy and get some amazing thrusting going. With the super soft silicone tip on the clitoral part of the toy it means you can get pretty rough with the thrusting without causing pain or injury to your clit. Over time though the seam starts to rub against your hand and fingers. For such an ergonomic toy that it is so easy to hold it in your hand whilst positioning the control buttons where your fingers intuitively reach to find them this rough area is a pretty big downfall. I love this toy and want to use it every day AND every night, but I really don’t want to get blisters!

[EDIT] 28th Jan – After using this vibrator at least once or twice every single day over the last week or so I’m happy to report that my initial fear of getting a blister is unfounded. I am blister free even though I’m using it multiple times a day – I LOVE this toy!!

Also in the crevice between the two materials fluids and such can gather making it a bit fussier to clean (although it isn’t that hard), and near impossible to ensure it’s sterile. You can clean it in a basin of warm water and soap – remember it is fully waterproof, and just use a toothbrush along this seam or perhaps use a toothpick or something similar covered with a make up pad or baby wipe to prevent the toy from being damaged. The only way to sterilise it is to use a bleach solution wiping it over the surfaces or you could soak it in a sterilising solution similar to that used to sterilise babies bottles – I just can’t tell you whether or not it may cause damage to the toy’s surface over time. Under no circumstance should it go in the dishwasher or be boiled – you will kill it if you do that!!

The clitoral arm is the real source of awesomeness in the Soraya. It is soft, super flexible and damn strong. Having a separate motor within the tip means that you can get some really amazingly strong vibrations and pulses directed straight to your clitoris – the all important factor those yucky old jelly-like rabbits had. As you are able to adjust the intensity of each of the vibrating, pulsating, G-Spot thumping sensations it’s a toy that should suit the buzz queens as well as those with more delicate clits. The way your hand is positioned during use you can also use your finger to push this arm harder against your clit  or pull it completely away and out of the action.

I have been finding that If I let myself squirt as soon as I feel the desire too I end up hitting an orgasmic plateau and can’t manage to cum no matter how hard I try. When I’ve used the Soraya I try to push the clitoral arm back so that it isn’t directly stimulating me whilst I still go at  my G-Spot, then as I start to feel the need to squirt I push it against me, bringing the clitoral orgasm to its peak before letting the floodgates open – so to speak. Best most intense toy induced orgasm ever!

Charging is super easy. The jack inserts into a tiny hole at the very base of the toy, the port is vacuum sealed so that no water can enter it. Whilst charging the backlit control panel will flash red until charging is complete and with a full battery – which has never taken more than an hour for me) lasts for many many more hours. As an interesting aside – for anyone that owns other rechargeable LELO toys you can use any of their chargers with any of their toys. How cool is that, especially for someone who is as scatter brained as I am!

My Soraya has come from America so it has an American charger that just won’t fit into our Australian sockets. Thankfully all of the rechargeable sex toys I own have chargers that are compatible with our 240V supply (Most work between 110V & 240V) so no voltage converter is necessary. I only needed to buy an adapter that I can plug the two straight parallel prongs into it and then plug the adapter into our sockets that have the two diagonally aligned holes. It only cost me $12 from Dick Smith’s.

Aussie’s Please Note that If you purchase the Soraya from an Australian sex toy store like Femplay it will come with an Australian charger so that you don’t need to worry about adapters and extra expenses.


I don’t like the seam between the silicone and plastic, but it really is a minor complaint. I’d also love if you could control the two motors separately, but that would mean you would need extra buttons and a more complex programming that would probably do my head in. A small part of me also wishes it came in that stunning shade of turquoise that it’s sister vibrator Isla comes in.  But no matter these small gripes after having such a truly amazing experience with the Soraya I can’t see any reason to give it less than 5 full stars and well worth its price, certainly not a purchase I’d ever regret and it’s now my number 1 toy, pushing the we vibe 2 back to #2.



Femplay.com.au have The Soraya discounted to only $219.99 down from $269.99AU1 and is the cheapest price in Australia for the Soraya2 which includes FREE express delivery and Femplay guarantee to have it in stock!

for International purchases Eden Fantasys stocks the LELO Soraya for $209 US where you can save 15% by using the discount code N25 bringing the price down to $177.65  saving you over $30!!3

No matter where you are from it would most certainly be a marvellous Valentines Day gift for the woman in your life, personally I’ve got my fingers crossed to get the Alia, the power of the Soraya in a clit vibe has my heart racing.

Violet xx

  1. All quoted prices are correct at time of posts publication []
  2. This links you to the cerise colour page, but they stock all 3 colours []
  3. all prices correct at time of publication []


  1. says

    I’ve been so curious about this gorgeous looking toy! Love the metal accents! I wonder why purple is such a popular toy color. I’d love for more turquoise, burgundy, burnt orange… Thanks for the thorough review.

    • says

      I think the sex toy manufacturers – LELO especially are starting to pay attention to our cries for more colors. Turquoise is the #1 color I’d like to see, the shade of LELO’s Isla is to die for, but burgundy would also be lovely. Anything that’s a little out of the ordinary is always going to catch my eye! thanks for your comments xo

  2. says

    I remember the first vibrator that I ever bought some thirty years ago and it was nothing more than a hard long dildo looking battery powered monstrosity, but even so it worked. It’s amazing how far they have come ivory the years. Talk about technological breakthrough in the sex toy industry 😉

    • says

      I can imagine what vibrators were like back then. Thankfully things have come along way since then and LELO’s Insignia line has a toy to suit every womans sex toy preference

    • says

      I’m not surprised that it’s your best selling LELO sex toy – I wouldn’t even be surprised if it was THE best selling sex toy full stop! That’s how amazing it is. I’ll always recommend bypassing far cheaper, inferior sex toys for a more expensive, high quality sex toy – you’ll certainly save money in the long term. Better to buy one amazing toy rather than 5 not so great or even crappy ones :)

  3. Addora Live @ vibrators says

    Wow, this is so sleek and modern. I must have one of these. I’m excited to have this in my collection.

  4. sexyamystar says

    I am kinda suspicious to this futuristic shape, as you said the rabbit was a sure thing :) I liked your review though. I will try it.

  5. Kenzie says

    I have this toy and I LOVE it! I have previously had a hard time attaining orgasm from any toy. Then along came LELO and the incredible Soraya… I can happily say that my orgasm problems are far behind me. :)

  6. escort little rock says

    This is one of those Sci-Fi looking toys. :) I really have a thing for these. Maybe it goes after my geeky nature. :) I love your review!

  7. Mia says

    The metal is absolutely gorgeous-looking, but I’m not sure there are other advantages, and the disadvantage is it’s a little harder to clean. I wonder why they didn’t just do a soft silicone for the whole body instead of using the metal–do you think that would be an improvement? Still, I want to try this out…

  8. Tori says

    I have to admit, you may have me sold on this. I haven’t gotten around to trying the Insignia line yet but the Soraya probably wouldn’t have been my first choice. But you make you make it seem so versatile with none of that it-just-doesn’t-fit-me business that it’s quickly making its way to the top of my ‘must-haves’ list. Thanks! XO Tori

  9. AdultEnthusiast says

    Thanks for the info on the new Lelo toy – I will have to give it a try! I’m so happy sex toys are moving away from the traditional rabbits (I too owned one of those first and used it the most out of my toy box). I find myself in love with anything by Fun Factory – but it looks like Lelo will be of the same high quality. Thanks again!

  10. says

    i just missed out- someone was selling a soraya for $120 canadian because he bought it for his girlfriend and she wouldn’t even try it. that was the total price- shipped and everything. i said yes he was going o send it to me and i decided i couldn’t afford it. now i’m looking at several seriously cheap toys that don’t do a thing for me and kicking myself at what they add up to. plus I hear my own voice at the sex shop i occasionally get to work at : “Spend the money on something thats actually going to work instead of going cheap and having to come back (without cumming) over and over” ahhhh I can’t even do they old “oh well i probably missed the bus cause it would of crashed if I was on it” can’t think of anything .NOW I WANT IT!!!!

  11. Greatfulcouple says

    I bought the Soraya for my wife as sort of a Valentine’s gift, primarily based on your review, and that it didn’t require batteries like her existing rabbits.

    The first few times took a little while to get into the rhythm but eventually became great. She loves it and it’s easy for me to use on her.

    The main reason I’m posting is because we tried it upside down so it wasn’t inserted and only gave her clitoral stimulation, she ended up gushing for the first time which surprised both of us. I think it’s great but she was a little embarrassed, however she’s slowly relaxing to it each time now.

    Big thumbs up to the Soraya :)

    • says

      I am overjoyed to hear you guys like it – I wish more of my readers would speak up as I love each & everyone of you & want to help you to find the best toys to suit your pleasure preferences :)

  12. Andy says

    I’m looking at the Lelo range and torn between the Tiani 2 (Is the sensor motion remote thing better on the newer one?) or the Soraya to exchange for a faulty Neno rabbit that the mrs. lked until one of the buellets stopped working. I like thethought f having intercorse whilst wearing the Tiani 2 but not sure how comfortable that would be?

  13. XXX says

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  14. masterfap says

    Whatever the product, the brand is well above the others (except perhaps the fairy) …. This class is pretty, sober and … especially effective. At home with my girlfriend we have in our possesion ina and gigi!

  15. loverboy181 says

    The bulky magic wand is put away and Soraya is her new boyfriend.
    Great peace of gear.
    5 star and has her off in no time at all.
    Loves it.

    Apple and Lb


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