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Pondering The Future

My entire life I really only had one major goal and that was to be a mum and once I had my son and became a mum that goal shifted to bringing him up to be a good man. Now that he is almost finished high school, has a driver’s licence etc and he most certainly is a good young man, I feel like the focus is coming back round to me. I would say I’m starting to develop a case of ’empty nest syndrome’, but he is far from leaving the nest at this point. I think it’s more of a case that I’m thirty something and apart from a raising a lovely young man I feel as though I haven’t truly achieved anything in my life… at least not yet.

Recently (as in last week) I made the decision to re-apply to uni, to hopefully finish off my bachelor course in hopes that a silly piece of paper will make me feel as though I have accomplished something. I really want to get myself a job that I love, one I feel passionate about and want to fully invest myself in, but I fear that without that piece of paper no one would look past the education section of my resume, let alone request an interview. During the process of filling out my application I found myself trying to work out exactly what I want to do with myself. What job do I want? What do I feel passionate about enough to put myself through close to 2 full years of study before even trying to find a job – and my blog was my answer… or rather it contains the answer.

Things I feel passionate about1 are sex toys, sex education, and of course – blogging. I can’t imagine my life without a blog, but I know I’m not the best writer in the world, rather it’s the sex toys and sex education I am truly passionate about. For me it’s very rare for a day to pass without having at least one conversation with someone on the topic and I would love nothing more to devote my life to creating wonderful sex toys and educating the masses about their virtues.

If I were to forget about reality for just a few moments I can imagine my future.  One where I get to take all of the experiences of not just me, but numerous sex toy reviewers and use them to help create the perfect shapes for pleasurable products. Designing dildos based on what feels good for a woman rather than designs simply phallic based designs. Remote controlled toys with a strong enough signal that actually works the way it is designed to, and vibrators that tick all the boxes. As well as the truly out of the box ideas hidden away safely within my mind that no one has even considered as yet. Designing not just ok sex toys, but great sex toys – that would be my dream. I’m sure I’ve got as much, if not more experience in the field than Kendra Wilkinson does… but I guess it comes down to money and fame.

Back in reality land I do actually have a design or two that I think would be awesome. Toy shapes that take the positive aspects of a number of successful toys and merge them together to create true objects of pleasure and art. Also that out of the box idea that I am incredibly sure no one’s considered as it is very bizarre. I have considered entering a design competition such as the one I’m not sure if I’m ok with giving my designs away for a small prize. (how many squeels have been sold vs the $$$ prize for the winner, it is not even close to equal).

I think I’ve gone and totally lost the idea of this post by simply wandering off and musing about my future. I guess it helps me see that I really would like a career in sex toy design. Hopefully that will be enough to will me on and serve as inspiration when it’s late at night and I’ve got an assignment to finish by morning!

I do have plenty of other goals, and I know I would be more than satisfied by working in a small little sex toy store or possibly as a sales person for one of the Aussie Distributors (I have got great sales experience) but I think design will be my goal.

In other things ‘dream related’, I would love to live in San Francisco and be a part of some of the awesome communities my friends live in and go to events and conferences and all the other things my USA blogging mates get to partake in. And a year in New York. I’ve long wanted to go to New York… but again I’m just rambling.

Thanks for Listening to me ramble. I have missed blogging tremendously. Some major technical issues have plagued me since I returned to blogging and prevented me from creating new posts. Thankfully they are now fixed and I can’t wait to truly get back in the groove.

Violet xx

  1. Other than Dave Grohl, Kurt Cobain & my son []


  1. Jack Hunter says

    Im a firm believer in setting very ambitious goals, if you want to be a successful sex toy designer I see no reason why you cant be one…I say go for it, dedicate your life to it and the chances are you will succeed, even if you don’t you will grow in so many ways that it wont matter!…x

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