Other names for your Menstrual Period

What Do you call yours?

There’s just something unappealing about the words ‘Menstrual Period’. Perhaps it’s the way the word menstruation just doesn’t roll of the tounge well – that damn U in the middle turns it into a tounge twister. Mybe it’s because of the numerous layers of innapropriate shame that has been associated with our monthly periods for hundreds of years that makes people uncomfortablle to say those words. No matter what the reason, our monthly fow has been euphemised almost to death. There’s almost a limitless list numerous alternative names for that time of the month. From Aunt Flo to simply Women’s issues here are some of the different names from around the globe digested into a cute infgraphic.

From the politically correct, to the scientific and of course the crass, so many cliched and colloqiual terms for menstruation have been coined over the years. From bloody mary to wounded clam there’s so very very many of them. And hey, you know how I love a good infographic!…


Other names for your menstrual period from around the globe

As much as I love a good Infographic this one leaves out so many of the most popular pseudonyms we all love and regularly use. I have never heard the term ‘The communists have invaded’ or ‘The English are coming’, and although I have heard women say they have got the painters in the info part of this graphic leaves an awful lot out.

The one’s I use most often are simply my period, my rags and when I’m being polite and proper – usually in the company of a male I just call it ‘that time of the month’. But there are plenty more out there.

One of my favourites that I came across whilst trawling the web was submitted by an indian lady who said her mother and aunts often used the term  “Number 3’s” , being that #1 is to pee, #2 is to poop so #3 is the other reason to visit the bathroom.

Crimson tide,  surfing the red wave – because maxi pads are like having a surf board in your undies. I guess it’s also obvious I’m quite smitten with the term Red October too.

On the rag – because in times gone by they litterally were oon the rags as they used rags to soak up the bloody

Sunday, bloody Sunday

Uncle TOM – for That Time of Month

And cunt plug is possibly my favourite euphemism for a tampon – but then again I do quite like the word cunt.

Want more?? – check out the Menstrutionary

So how about you… What’s your favourite slang term for menstrual period?

Violet xx

This post is part of Red October – my month long celebration of “that time of the month” be sure to drop by my first Red October giveaway  while you are here too.


  1. says

    It’s funny, I haven’t heard most of these either! I normally just say it’s my time of the month, but I like “Red October” as well – sounds hilarious!

  2. Remi says

    Of those on the infographic, I think “The communists have invaded” is hilarious… I might have to start telling people communists have invaded my cunt…

    But currently I call it my “‘not pregnant’ confirmation letter”.

  3. says

    Yeah, definitely some new ones there, and some of them are quite clever. I usually just say I’m “on the blob.” I know it’s not very delicate, but neither is having my period.

  4. says

    Most of these I have not heard before. It so funny how society has given names to almost everything. The names that I have heard referencing our private parts are just as hilarious.

  5. says

    Another 2 that I know of and quite like in their own weird ways are… ‘On the blob’ and my personal fav of ‘got the painters and decorators in’


  6. says

    I had no idea there were so many names, what a great idea to get them all together.
    I love “Im seducing vampires” im using this from now on lol.

    Ive never had to give it a name, but I will try to think of some funny ones now.
    So Im now off to try and really seduce some vampires, sooo sexy.
    Great post hun .

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