Red October

A Month long feature about ‘that’ time of the month.

red october

Welcome to Red October – My month long spotlight on all things menstruation.

As I recently mentioned I’m going to be doing a whole series of posts this month revolving around the topic of menstruation, mainly because I think it’s a topic that should be open for discussion. Periods are such an everyday thing but rarely is the subject discussed with the kind of candour afforded to other everyday subjects. So many subjects that used to be hush hush are now openly discussed in everyday conversation so why is this subject still stuck in the taboo basket? Hopefully by hosing this mini blog carnival I’ll be able to get the conversation started. I think it’s about time, I mean, as women, we’ve only been menstruating for what? A few million years!

But October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month – a cause that is very, very close to my heart, so much so that I have a pink ribbon permanently tattooed on my arm. It may have made more sense for me to do this whole blog feature in November, I even began to regret choosing October.. until the thought arose to me that if you have Boobies chances are you’ve had a period!!1 So with that thought and the fact that I’ve organised some great giveaways and product reviews to share with everyone – I’ve decided to go ahead with it and I hope you’ll all still join me to celebrate the un-talked about wonder of the female body alongside all the talk about boobies.

So… I’d like to formally invite you to take part in my month long featire come mini blog carnival.

In your posts you can come at the subject in anyway that you like, it can be a personal story, an informational post, a poem or even a photograph. You can write a review, post an imageor share a you tube video – anything – as long as it adrresses the subject of Menstruatrion in some way or another it’s allowed in. You also don’t have to be a woman to take part, I’d certainly like to hear some thoughts from the guys out there – what’s it like trying to love a woman with insanely crazy PMS? Are you one of those guys too scared to enter that section of the supermarket? or one who gladly buys his lady her period supplies?

Some of the posts I’ve personally got lined up include some really strange facts, a history of menstrual products, reviews of modern day eco options along with a personal story or two and plenty of cool resouirces I’ve found during my research along with an infographic or two. If you want some suggestions on topics to cover just ask – I’ve got plenty!

There are also going to be prizes. I’ve got a number of different products that will be going up for grans during the month and everyone that participates will get extra, super, bonus entries in all of them. I’ve got plenty of period products as well as some great sexy red toys to give away to some of you..

How To Participate in Red October

1. Create a post related to the topic of menstruation and post it to your blog – If you don’t have a blog, don’t want to publish it on your own blog, or you simply wish to stay anonymous just email me as I will gladly host it here for you with credit if you wish or anonymously.

2. Grab a copy of The Red October button below and include it in your post along with the following link back to this page so that others can come and join in or simply read what other participants have submitted.

red october

3. Add your post to the linky below so that everyone can find your post. I’ll also be doing a couple of round up post throughout the month to share the link juice love with you all as well as re-tweeting your links.

4. Be sure to follow me on twitter, or subscribe to my feed by RSS or email so that you can hear about all the other great posts people write and find out about the great giveaways as each one is announced.

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Once I’ve shaken off my post Grand Final Hangover I’ll be sure to get my first post up!

Violet xx

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  1. with the exception of the 1% of men who develop breast cancer []


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