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The Pink Swan

Swan Trumpeter

The Swan Collection of vibrators that are available within Australia are essentially the same toys that are available and known in the USA as the Vanity line of vibrators from Jopen. The differences in the products are minimal, but they include the color of the silicone, the names of the different models and the packaging and inclusions. At the end ofthe day the Swan Trumpeter is virtually the same toy as the Jopen Vanity VR9 at the end of the day.

When I was first offered the Swan Trumpeter for review I wasn’t as excited as I should of been. I’m a rabbit lover – My clit is normally the epicenter of my orgasms, but if it’s getting attention my vagina starts screaming for some too – So dual stimulator vibes really are my thing and the trumpeter just isn’t that style of vibe. I’m also a bit of a size queen so I doubted that the slender shafts of the Swan Trumpeter would feel satisfying – Yet I’ve fallen in love with it’s smooth, svelte, curved shaft and strong, rounded ends that are perfect to apply pressure and deliver high octane vibrations directly to the G-Spot.

Important Info

Manufacturer: Swan Vibrators
Power Source: Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery – comes with multiple power point converters for worldwide use.
Material: Pink Silicone
Power Levels: Multiple levels that gradually intensify rather than separate & distinct levels
Controls: 2 easy to use buttons situated in the center of the toy – one button for each motor
Size: 10″ long with the large end having a circumference of 5.5″ on the larger end and 3.75″ on the smaller end.
Lube Compatibility: Water Based Only
Other Features: Waterproof, Two separately controlled motors, comes in a lovely re-useable package and includes a storage pouch, can be used internally and externally. Uses the awesome super powered “Power Bullet” technology. Can be locked for travelling.

Swan Trumpeter Vibrator

The Swan Trumpeter is a double ended vibrator; that is in the sense that it has two usable ends rather than one vibrator that can be used by two people at once. Its overall length is close to 10″ but the insertable, usable length of each end is close to 4″ which leaves a space of around 2″ in the center where the two control buttons are located.

The larger, more bulbous end has a maximum circumference of 5.5″  with a gentle curve which makes it perfect for G-Spot stimulation. Of the two separate motors in this vibe it is very easy to discern that the larger, more powerful motor is located within the rigid, larger end.

Size specifications for the Swan Trumpeter Vibrator

The rigidity of the larger end extends just slightly into the smaller end of this vibe allowing the top 3.5″ of the shaft to be incredibly flexible. It can even be bent as far back as 180 degrees (although I wouldn’t advise you do so as it certainly could damage the  inner wiring!) It has a much smaller, less robust motor than the opposite end, but still it is quite strong.  With the motor located right in the small spherical end it is perfect for delivering intense, pin-point style stimulation that I’ve not experienced in any other toy before.

The two control buttons are centrally located and are very intuitive to use. There aren’t any distinct levels of vibrations, rather the longer you hold down the control button the higher the vibration intensity. To switch the toy off you simply press the control button once to switch it off. This is terrific if you live in a situation where you may get interrupted, be it by kids or room mates, however it’s also a huge pain in the butt. I was seriously upset about the same issue in the VR5 – it is far, far too easy to accidentally switch it off during use. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve accidentally switched this toy off right at the most inopportune moment.

When you first receive your Swan Trumpeter it is already charged but you may find yourself unable to quickly switch it on – this is because it has the travel lock engaged. To unlock you simply hold both buttons down for 4-5 seconds after which the lights behind the buttons should flicker. To re-lock it in the future simply repeat the process of holding both buttons down.

Apart from the issue with accidentally switching it off my one and only other gripe with this toy – and the rest of the Vanity by Jopen range – is that they claim to be completely seamless silicone. A statement which simply isn’t true. It might be only very slight, but there  is certainly a discernible line running around the toy, the seam between the two halves is visible. It doesn’t have any impact on its use… but don’t call it seamless when the seam is so visible!  There is also a raised circle around the charging port along with some slightly raised logos and information on the back of the toy. Again it doesn’t affect its use, but felt it was worth mentioning.

The packaging of the Swan Trumpeter is absolutely awesome. I have to admit I’m a bit of a packaging whore. I love being able to keep toys in their boxes all nicely lined up and stacked as though they were shoe boxes! It isn’t what I’d call discreet packaging, rather it’s very informative and provides info on the product in numerous languages.

Included with the Swan vibrator is an instruction booklet, black satin drawstring storage bag and its charger. Along with the charger they supply 4 different inter-changeable plugs to allow it to be used with numerous international power point configurations. I could be wrong but I believe they are for Australia, America, the UK and possibly Europe or Canada.

International power plug adapters provided free with the Swan Vibrators

As simple as it may seem this is one of my favourite elements of this product. When you buy an expensive sex toy you want to be able to play with it and use it without having to stuff around buying special plugs just to charge the darn thing. I hope more companies will take note of this and supply these simple attachments for us international customers!

My two favourite aspects of the Swan Trumpeter are the strength of its vibrations and its tremendous ability to conjure up squirting orgasms. The larger end seems to be able to sit up just behind my pubic bone in a position that allows it to continuously apply a medium amount of pressure to my G-Spot whilst leaving both hands free to do other things. Obviously thrusting with it creates even more stimulation, but I’ve gotten into a habit of using this one hands free internally whilst going to town on my clit with my mystic wand.  It’s also been quite popular in bed as my partner can still go down on me whilst using it to hit my often hard to find G-Spot. It’s got the curves I love on the nJoy Eleven just without the bulk that often gets in the way.

All in all this is a pretty damn awesome vibrator. I would love to give  it a full 5 stars but its infuriating habit of switching off if I accidentally bump the control button means it comes in at a pretty high 4.5 stars. If you are looking for a strong vibrator that is great for G-Spotting you really can’t go wrong with the Swan Trumpeter (or the VR9 in the USA). It might be a little more expensive than other vibes that look & seem similar, but it really does deliver when it comes to high powered vibrations, the kind I’m yet to find from another brand.


Australian consumers can grab the Trumpeter Swan from Australian online sex toy stores – Femplay.com.au

If you are an Australian or New Zealand retailer interested in the Swan Line of Vibrators I strongly suggest you contact the folks at CalVista – possibly Down Under’s biggest distributor of sex toys and adult products – and wonderful sponsors of this review.Internationally you can purchase the Swan Trumpeter directly from SwanVibes.com for $136.50 US

In the US & Canada I strongly recommend the almost identical Jopen VR9 – It just has a different colored silicone and slightly different packaging – it is available from the very trustworthy SheVibe

If you have any questions about this or any other sex toys I’d love to hear from you via my contact page.

 Violet xx


  1. says

    I hadn’t seen the Swan packaging before. I have the Jopen version. I’m beyond jealous. I’m a packaging whore, too. The Jopen packaging is bleh at best. I’m importing my next Swan/Jopen toy just for the packaging.

    The Vr9 is actually the only one in this line I don’t accidentally switch off constantly. Something about the placement on this one works for where I put my hands, I guess. All the others I had that issue with when I got them. I’ve sort of worked around it and just hold my hand differently with them. I think it’s a bit silly to have to do, but I love the vibrations so much that I let it go.

    • says

      Well the super brilliant thing about the Swan Vibe branded products – well other than their sexy packaging is that they come with the adaptors for the charger making the Swan Vibes into an internationally friendly product.
      The one thing I do love about Jopen over Swan is the T-Shirt fabric storage bag… I use that for my toys when I travel. I find the stretch knit fabric far more suited to toy storage than satin.

  2. kingsley says

    I have the Swan Vibe branded products. They are super for couples and singles looking for discreet sex.

    And the price is right.

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