Wanton Wednesday

Celebrating Red October

Considering that I’m celebrating Red October and all things periods it makes sense that I continue with the theme for this weeks wanton wednesday.

wanton wednesdays - join the Wanton Fun

Although I wish that I could take credit for this image I’m afraid that I can’t – it isn’t me and I didn’t take it. The owner has been gracious enough to allow me to re-post it however they have asked to remain anonymous.1

There is nothing shameful about periods and this beautiful and artistic photo says that in so many ways…

wanton wednesday


Be sure to visit the Wanton Wednesday site to check out everyone else’s wantonness.

Violet xx


  1. So Shhh if you know who it is lol []


  1. says

    I remember this picture…. I admired it greatly the first time I saw it and it prompted me to do my own version. Would you like to repost that as part of your Red October too?


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