LELO Tor 2 – sex toy review

 Tor II Revamped Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring

LELO Tor 2 rechargeable vibrating cock ring

Every now and then one sex toy manufacturer breaks new ground and comes up with a product that no other company has managed to create. This is true of LELO when they created the words first  rechargeable vibrating cock rings – the Bo and the Tor.

Even more rarely such companies take a great toy and revamp it, making it bigger, badder and more pleasurable than the original incarnation – something which LELO have of course done with said cock rings.

So without further ado let me introduce you to the brand new, recently madeover ….. Tor II rechargeable vibrating cock ring from LELO

Important Information:

Manufacturer: LELOTor 2 rechargeable waterproof cock ring inclusions
Power Source: Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery
Material: 100% Body safe, Phthalate free Silicone covering ABS Plastic.
Colors: Black, Purple and Dark Green
Size: 6cm high, just over 4cm wide and 2cm deep.
Controls: Easily acessible and intuitive control buttons, ( + ) & (- ) located on either side of the upper, vibrating portion of the Tor 2.
Vibration Settings: 6 different vibration modes, one with varying levels of continuous vibration plus 5 patterns.
Lube Compatibility:  Water based lubes only as it’s made from silicone.
Inclusions: Charger that is suited to the country of purchase, satin drawstring storage bag, 1 year warranty and Instruction manual.
Other Info: Incredibly stretchy silicone ring portion that expands to fit all sizes. Comes with a 12 month warranty.

New & Updated Features

  • Waterproof
  • Seamless Silicone outer shell – keeping it as a single, hygienic unit rather than the previous 2 part stretchy ring with removable vibrator
  • 100% more power than the original Tor
  • Available in 3 colors
  • Said to outlast the lifespan of 10,000 disposable cock rings

The new Tor II  is a sex toy designed and created to be used as a couple that actually works as a couple’s toy.



My first introduction to cock rings was some gawd awful jelly piece of crap I won at a friends bachelorette party. Needless to say the new Tor 2 vastly different to that novelty, sticky, gross, piece of crap that lasted barely one use.

Like most cock rings the Tor 2 is designed to enhance, enlarge and extend the life of a man’s erection whilst simultaneously increasing his sensitivity. It can be worn just around the shaft of his penis or around both his penis and his testicles. Unlike most other cock rings this one also brings vibrations to the party as well as providing a hard surface for a woman to grind her clit against during penetrative sex. It’s also a great tool for adding an extra sensory dimension to blow jobs, hand jobs and according to my source it’s even enjoyable for a guy to use whilst masturbating. It can also be worn with upside down so that the vibrating portion has contact with the testicles and perineum.

LELO Tor 2 cock ring stretches to fit all sizesWhen looking at images of LELO’s rings I couldn’t quite comprehend how the hell they could suit all the various sizes of cocks in the world. Photos made them appear as if the toy was a single solid unit. In reality only the top portion of this toy is rigid, the actual ring portion is incredibly stretchy and can easily accommodate men of various sizes – I can even put my hand through the ring so it’s super stretchy. The silicone is thick enough so that it won’t tear or get distorted and returns to its original size again after use.

There are a lot of other vibrating cock rings out there on the market, the majority of them are brightly colored, jelly looking things that you can add a bullet style vibe to in order for it to vibrate. But again these offerings are pretty paltry. The original Tor as well as the Bo cock rings really broke some ground when it comes to this type of sex toy. They were both rechargeable and reusable, however they weren’t waterproof which meant that you were restricted in terms of where you could use them. No sex in the shower, spa or swimming pool! Ok, so I don’t get to have all that much sex in swimming pools but the fact that this 2nd generation Tor can be used pretty much anywhere is an awesome improvement over the original.

Along with making it waterproof they have also refined the original 2 piece design of the Tor – there was the stretchy ring portion of the toy and the rigid, top vibrating piece that you slide onto the ring, and because it wasn’t waterproof you needed to dismantle it in order to clean it properly. The new Tor is just a single piece of kit1 which can be immersed in water for cleaning. As the charging port is very clearly visible on the side of the toy you might feel a little uncertain about getting it wet – but hey that’s one of the reasons for this review – and after dunking and submerging it numerous times I am happy to report and reassure you that the Tor 2 is 100% waterproof. Although some water may enter the small silver charging port the port is fully sealed so that no water can penetrate the actual mechanics of the toy. Just be sure the port is absolutely dry before charging though as water and electricity certainly don’t mix!

When it comes to cleaning gold old soap and water will do the job, as will toy wipes or any of the speciality toy cleansers you can buy. As it is Silicone and therefore non-porous you can also sterilise it with a diluted bleach solution (10% bleach 90% water). And again be sure to let it fully dry before storage or recharging it.


During couples use I found that almost any position where the woman is on top works well with this toy – basically any which way you can put your bodies together so that her clit can align with and grind against the hard vibrating portion is going to work. Whilst I personally need a toy with much stronger vibrations in order to get off solo, the mid range strength of the Tor 2’s vibrations work really well for me when they are combined with the hard rubbing pressure on my clit and the obvious pleasure of simultaneously practising penetrative sex with a partner. If it was just a bullet it wouldn’t do much for me – but as a couple’s sex toy I’m quite enamoured with it  – it helps to push partnered sex to the next level.

The control buttons are very simple, just a (+) and a ( – ) button one on either side of the Control Buttons on LELO Tor 2vibrating portion of the toy. Pressing ( + ) switches it on and it starts in a continuously on vibration. Holding the (+) button down gradually ramps up the strength of the vibrations in this particular mode. There are also a further 5 vibration patterns that are accessed and cycled through by pressing the (+) button and holding down the ( – ) button will switch it off. I found it quite easy to manipulate the control buttons during use although I’m sure there’s a position or two out there that may make it difficult for you to reach the buttons – but that same issue is going to occur no matter what when you slide a vibrating sex toy between two bodies.

The vibrations rage from low to a medium high level and can feel a bit buzzy at times. If it were just a bullet or clitoral vibe I don’t think it would be strong enough to make me orgasm – and I must admit that I tend to need a fair bit of power to get off, but as a cock ring it completely works. The combination of sensations of penetrative sex, a hard surface to grind against and the medium high vibrations all build up upon each other and thus far haven’t failed to get me off.


PackagingLELO Tor 2 waterproof rechargeable cockring - packaging

Like all LELO pleasure objects the new Tor II arrives in high quality packaging – a lovely sleek cardboard box featuring the LELO logo on the top of it. Inside this external packaging is a much sturdier black box – the same signature style box that all LELO products arrive in. I must admit that I absolutely love the way LELO package their toys, these strong, rectangular boxes are absolutely perfect for storage. I love the way the boxes all align nicely in the top of my cupboard – yep I am a total packaging whore!!


It is no secret that I am a fan of LELO products – I don’t know how I’d survive without my Soraya – and I’m also a huge fan of the new Tor cock ring. Try as I might I simply can’t fault it. When it comes to couple’s sex toys it’s right up there!! For all these reasons I can’t justify giving it less than 5 fully awesome stars!


Want Your Own LELO Tor 2?

You can purchase your own LELO Tor 2 directly from the LELO website (they will send you the correct charger for your own country’s power sockets) no matter what country you live in.

As the new Tor has only just recently been released it isn’t yet available from my usual favourite retail sex toy sites but I will add them once they are available.

Thanks to LELO one of my readers is going to get to win their own brand new LELO Tor 2 cock ring – so if you would like one of your own be sure to get on over to the giveaway post and get your entries in before it closes on March 24th 2012



  1. which is a bonus for people like me who lose everything!! []


  1. says

    Thanks for this great review hun, we didn’t have as much luck with this sadly, it was way too tight for my OH to wear at the base to use as a couples toy; but by itself at the frenulum it worked very well indeed. So we can use it singly which is nice.

    • says

      Sorry it didn’t work out so great for you guys 🙁 If you hadn’t commented I honestly wouldn’t have thought anyone would have trouble with it not stretching enough to fit any girth as I can fit my whole hand through it. . . but then again I guess my hand isn’t all that sensetive!!
      This is just one of the reasons I don’t like writing about guys toys as much as womens – I just can’t comprehend what things feel like from the guys end of things!

  2. SexToyLover says

    I’ve read other reviews on this product that suggested the Tor II is not worth their 100$+ retail price. Midnight Boudoir is not the only one to have troubles with the product fitting on a larger penis. But nonetheless, I appreciate your detailed review; I like to hear both positive and negative reviews before I decide to buy a product 🙂

  3. says

    Wow yeah, I agree with Midnight, this sucker was WAY too tight for an actual penis to use. When I put it on my fingers, it hurt even there. My husband couldn’t even get it on without being in pain!

  4. Rob says

    I had a poor experience with mine.
    It broke while I was trying it on in the various methods suggested in the manual.
    Never even got to try it with my girl, hopefully they hold up there end of the warranty.

    • says

      I’m really shocked to find that almost everyone is having trouble with the Tor 2. And yes this is exactly the kind of thing covered by their warranty. Thankfully LELO stand behind their warranties and guarantees so you shouldn’t have any dramas – but if you do please let me know

  5. heather says

    Great review so I purchased it… I find it hard to believe you could get it around your hand. It is not at all stretchy! It hurt my husband and was way to tight! It is very hard plastic and does not really stretch any bigger then the original size of the ring. There is no way it would fit around the whole package since it does not even fit around just a cock without being painful…..A big disappointment! I plan to see if it can be returned.

  6. KinkierEveryDay says

    I was impressed with the feel and style of the Tor2, good power and duration. Sadly the band snapped after about the third use.

  7. tanan says

    I’m 5.5in long n girth not that thick. I have to measure for future referance. I got the lux 4 n it 2 big even around balls. I think this would be good for me to try on my nex buy

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