Best and Worst sex toys of 2011

The Worthy and the Worrisome

2011 has been a great year for me, my blog and my reviewing career. I have had the honour of test driving some truly awesome sex toys and adult products over the past 12 months, at the same time there were also some that were complete write-offs. There have been brand new toys released in 2011 as well as some classics from the past, there’s been simple concepts as well as incredibly inventive and innovative ideas reviewed here in the past year and today I wanted to celebrate and commiserate over the best and worst sex toys I’ve reviewed this year.

#1 Vibrator

The LELO Soraya in cerise - save 30%#1 Is absolutely, without a doubt the LELO Insignia Soraya. It is my favourite vibrator, my favourite Rabbit  vibe and by far THE best vibrator I have reviewed on my blog this year. Its very flexible clitoral shaft and gently curved shaft make it as real winner in terms of dual stimulation, servicing both the clit and the G-Spot

Jopen vanity vr5

It’s closely followed by the Vanity VR5 vibrator by Jopen – also known as the Swan Princess Vibrator in Australia. It has a few issues with where the buttons are placed, but boy is it a powerhouse. Its funny blob-esque shape and the curve of the shaft makes it awesome for delivering its strong vibrations directly to the G-Spot. **Whilst Jopen is a division of Cal Exotics the Vanity line is made by BMS enterprises and uses their super strong Power Bullet tm technology. There’s no way Cal Exotics could or would make such a great toy on their own.

Worst Vibrators

The title of the worst and most disappointing vibrating sex toy1 of 2011 goes to the LELO Insignia Tiani. This toy long with the other two new additions to the Insignia line from LELO had so much promise, they were using innovative and revolutionary technology to create the ultimate ‘out in public’ style of couple’s toy. I swear that someone at LELO seriously dropped the ball and somehow managed to skip the whole testing phase of product development – they seriously should’ve caught  the fact that the remote signal isn’t strong enough to travel through flesh, thus making it un-useable.

The Form 3 from Jimmy Jane was also another major let down. From all the images and funny videos featuring a pair of white gloves demonstrating the toy it seemed as though this toy would work with your hand to ‘amplify’ your own natural touch. In reality it is a thin membrane that can’t carry vibrations and even the thicker edge and rigid body portions don’t do enough to arouse me let alone get me off.

Best DildoG- Spot lollipop double pop

By far the best dildo that I reviewed this year was the G-Spot Lollipop – damn that thing is the perfect tool for gushing G-Spot orgasms. It comes in a multitude of sizes, colors and configurations and I honestly can’t say enough about how much I love my lollipop. It does all the magnificent things that the Eleven does but at a fraction of its cost.

I use this toy far more often than any other in my collection – that’s how awesome it is!!

Best Innovation

made to pleasure - design your  own sex toys

Again this is an easy choice… Made To Pleasure with their easy to use online design interface that allows you to design the sex toy of your dreams and then allow them to turn that dream into a reality. As well as such bespoke designs Made To Pleasure also have  a line of off the peg designs to choose from. I was lucky enough to get to review the Pearl from their off the peg range and was incredibly impressed by the luxurious, high class finish.

I must also mention Papaya Toys when it comes to best innovation of 2011 – although I’m yet the reversible battery pack by Papaya toysto finish up that review2 They have created a super awesome reversible battery pack. This means that when you are groping about in the dark to replace the batteries in one of their toys you can slide the battery pack back in whichever way you want and it works. My description doesn’t do it justice – but trust me it is truly awesome.

I have had the great pleasure of working with some phenomenal and amazing companies this year and have upcoming reviews for even more great products. It’s the little companies with brilliant ideas and concepts that I love to work with and support on my blog. So I just want to give a quick shout out to some of them – especially the very patient ones who have been waiting for their reviews and have been very understanding with me over the past 3 months or so. So in no particular order some of my favourite companies of 2011…

Papaya Toys  ★ RodeOh  ★  Made To Pleasure  ★  OhMiBod Australia  ★  Nexus   ★

★   Ruby’s Red Wash  ★  JuJu    ★ Femplay Australia  ★

★   G-Spot Lollipop  ★

Til next year…

Violet xx

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